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Rabbi arrested for ‘holding 50 women and children in slavery’

Rabbi arrested for ‘holding 50 women and children in slavery’

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  1. >ultra-Orthodox

    Well there you go.

    Religious extremists are all bat shit crazy..

  2. That seems like a lot of slaves for just one person to handle right?? Like there had to be more people involved?

  3. I think it was Hitchens who once said “if you want people to do and say terrible things, give them a religion.”

  4. I was hoping from the title that they busted the cult living in Mexico. I always underestimate the number of cults floating around. 🙁

  5. Do you think the cops said “Let your people go”?

  6. Dude should probably reread Exodus.

  7. Damn you, piece of shit.

  8. I didnt know I couldnt do that.

  9. It still scares me that there are still slaves on this planet, even in wealthy countries.

  10. This just goes to show that at any time the human race is a hair away from falling backwards. We are never clear of this stuff and probably never will be.

  11. Isn’t the entire point of religion to enslave women and indoctrinate children? Why the sudden surprise?

  12. I suppose god told him to do that!

  13. Couldve been a catholicpriest up until i saw the word “woman”

  14. “ultra-Orthodox”

    In Islam we call them ISIS

  15. Stick a pineapple up his ass!

  16. Of course the reddit, if we are talking about individual that happens to have specific religion, then it is religion and group related and it is fault of that.
    However if we talk about Islam, it is fault of individual and not religion or group.

  17. Aaaand it’s the same people in New York who are fucking up life for everyone else around them.

  18. How is this world news other than that its something bad that happened in Israel?

  19. Calm down guys, holy shit. The guy is going to get sentenced and probably killed in prison. No need to blame all Jews. God is supposed to be the greatest judge, right? Well he’ll judge everyone based on their own actions and not on the actions of those around him. We aren’t wiser than God so why we judging entire peoples based on the actions of individuals.

  20. These are not nice Jewish people. So all you people who go crazy if someone mentions Jews , here you go.

  21. At this point can anyone tell truth?

  22. Wonder what the Epstein connection is.

  23. Just a regular good Jewish man following the good teachings of the Talmud, nothing out of the ordinary.

  24. Give him another 22 women more and he will be like his Jihad Isis friends!

  25. just like the pharohs of Egypt did to the jews

  26. Also Rabbi: “Bulla ki jaana main kaun”

  27. Yeah, but what about, like… uh… the Holocaust and stuff?

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