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Racism in America .. directed to dismiss a policeman who killed a black man and the protesters are angry

Police in Columbus, Ohio, USA, recommended the dismissal of an officer who shot an African citizen, 3 weeks after the police killed another citizen in the city.

On Monday night, Columbus Police Officer Adam Coy shot the African-American Andre Morris Hill, 47, as he was leaving his garage while carrying a cell phone.

An internal Columbus Police investigation accused the officer of unjustified use of lethal force and of failing to provide assistance to the victim after he was shot; It recommended withdraw his badge.

Camera footage of a pedestrian shows Hill heading towards the policeman holding a cell phone in his left hand while his other hand remains invisible. Seconds later, the policeman fired and Hill fell.

Police Officer Coy and his colleague waited several minutes before approaching the still alive victim.

Local media said that Coy had previously encountered complaints about the excessive use of force.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Gennther announced that he was “shocked” by Hill’s death, and said in a press conference Wednesday that he “was known to the residents of the house that parked his car in front of him and was a guest, not a thief.”

He indicated that he was “disturbed” even more by the fact that the two police officers present did not provide first aid to Andre Hill, and called for the “immediate dismissal” of Officer Coy.

Dozens demonstrated at the site where Hill was killed, raising the slogan “Black lives matter,” calling for justice.

On the fourth of this month, a policeman shot and killed African American Casey Godson Jr. (23 years old) while returning to his home in Columbus, killing him.

The death of George Floyd at the end of last May, due to police pressure on his neck during his arrest, sparked a wave of protests against racism and police violence in the country.

On Wednesday, Ben Krumb, a lawyer who defends several families of victims, including the Floyd family, said, “Once again, police officers see a black man and conclude that he is a dangerous criminal.”

Ben Crump added that Andre Hill has been the 96th black victim of a policeman since the Floyd incident.

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