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Rafael Nadal … the soccer player who became the king of dirt in tennis

Venue: Philippe Chatrier Stadium, Paris.

Date: October 11, 2020.

Event: Roland Garros Final.

Things seem close as usual here at Roland Garros, I enter the match and have not lost any group in the tournament, the fans are thinking about the thirteenth title on the soil of Paris, and the equation of Roger’s number with 20 titles in the Grand Slam, but all I really thought about hours before the final was achieving Beat stubborn rivals Novak, with painful memories since 2015. (1)

The history of my confrontations with Djokovic says that if I want to win over the Serbian, I must do my best, and this was reflected in me during the match, which I started with a high level, and I was able to win the first set (6-0), at which time the followers felt that I won the title, but I did not I believe Novak never cunning.

My performance continued in the same manner in the second group, at which time I realized that my opponent was not in his day, in the third he tried to return in his usual way, but this recovery did not help him to win the set and return; Because I had decided to win the match (2)

A historic victory and an unforgettable title, but it is a completely incomplete joy, given what we are experiencing now in terms of circumstances against the background of the repercussions of the Corona virus pandemic, so today I am with you to tell you the story from its inception, the story that many of you do not know about its details anything. Welcome my friends, I am Rafael Nadal.

I was born on the third of June 1986, in the city of Manacor on the coasts of the island of Mallorca in Spain, to a family that did not suffer from the usual financial problems of most of the families of the athletes, as my father was a businessman, but my mother was interested in the perfume business, and she was satisfied with taking care of me and my sister at home .

I did not find myself in any of the two fields, so I decided to crawl towards sports. My uncle is Tony Nadal, a former professional tennis player, and coach at the time, and my uncle Miguel Angel, a former footballer who spent his life with our city team Real Mallorca, and between this and that I lived my childhood with its taste The Sportsman (3)

I still remember when Uncle Tony gave me a tennis racket, I was only four years old, it was a good fit for my small body, and it carried my favorite colors, after that I knew that it was a way to lure me in order to implement a physical program that he put me to develop the relatively meager physical structure at the time, which I think was If it weren’t for that gift, you wouldn’t have heard of me in the world of tennis today.

On the other hand, uncle Ankhil spared no effort in trying to attract me to football, and indeed I used to play tennis and soccer together. The matter that affected my educational level, my father noticed that my grades in school did not change, as my whole life was only for sports, which of course was something that he did not like at all.

He tried to fix this defect, and at the same time he did not want to stop me from sport, so he told me that you have to choose between tennis and soccer, the decision was very difficult, but I preferred tennis despite my love for football more, and I think it was a good decision, so if I was not a tennis player I would have been a footballer for my favorite team, Real Madrid, but we must always differentiate between what we like and what we should choose. (4) (5)

During my early years with the racquet, my uncle, who later became my coach, noticed that I could play with both hands, so he advised me to play with the left hand, because it would be an added advantage for me on the tennis courts, and the results of that advice appeared early when I won all the Spanish U-12 championships.

My professional journey with tennis began in 2002, when I reached the semi-finals of the Wimbledon Youth Championship, then I was the youngest player to reach the third round in the Wimbledon Seniors Championship at the age of 17, and from here I began to feel my way towards the major tournaments.

In 2005, I was the youngest player in history to win the Roland Garros Championship title at the age of nineteen only and in my first participation there, a number that no one had been able to break until now, and then I broke into the top 5 list, to reach the third place in the international classification For players.

It was unbelievable when I went back to winning the title for the second time in a row, in addition to 4 other titles, in a season during which I experienced the bitterness of injuries for the first time, but the season that I did not really forget was in 2008, when I won Brolan Garros for the third time, and beat Federer in the longest A final in the history of Wimbledon, then the gold medal in the Beijing Olympics, in a year that saw me achieve 32 consecutive victories, and I was placed on the throne of the international classification for the first time.

I joined this season with another historic season in 2010, when I achieved the Grand Slam championships together, to be the second player to achieve the four championships in addition to the Olympic Games gold, and my first tennis contract expires and I have 43 different titles. (6) (7)

Well, I think you love that title: “The King of Dirt Stadiums”, and I don’t hide you a secret, because I love him very much too. Throughout my career I have won 86 titles, 60 of them on those stadiums, and from 20 in the Grand Slam, 13 in Roland Garros in the dirt, and throughout my history in that tournament I won 100 out of 102 confrontations, when I read these lines with you, I do not imagine that I achieved all this Really! (8)

Those numbers always ask me a question; What is the secret of this supremacy over dirt? In all honesty, I cannot refer to one reason, because the answer here is a little complicated. The reason may be that the clay courts are the first thing I trained in since childhood, and they are similar in nature to most of the stadiums we have in Spain.

The weather also plays a big role, let me admit that I prefer the sunny weather, and I feel that I control the stadium better when the weather is warm, and fortunately for my luck the dirt tournaments are usually held in the spring and summer of the season, and I think it is an added advantage for me.

Do you remember Tony Nadal’s advice to me from childhood? Yes, playing with the left hand and focusing on the physical side, I also think that they are two additional factors in the secret of my superiority over dirt, because the nature of the stadiums requires high physical performance, and the left hand gives me an opportunity to play in angles that are difficult for my right-hand competitors to control.

In general, I feel that playing at Roland Garros in particular are the ideal conditions for me to show all that I have, the wide field that allows me to go back beyond the line of the field and play long balls, and also the nature of the sand that I master completely moving with both feet on it; Consequently, playing short balls and going onto the net are all advantages that really give me an advantage, but I don’t think about them much. I always focus on resolving the game and nothing else. (9) (10)

I think a lot of you have a question now, which is: What happens after tennis? When will that flight stop? Where are you going? Really legitimate questions, and personally I think about it daily, but I really do not know when the journey will stop, I feel that I am still able to give, and therefore I will continue, and this is what I know so far.

At the same time, I do not see myself in a field other than tennis, as I am not a person who is good at appearing in ads or working as a model like my friend Roger, but I always think about the game, and how to develop it, it is possible to work as a coach, which is possible, but it is not certain the truth.

But what is certain is so far that I will devote myself to working in my academy, which I opened in 2016, in my hometown there in Mallorca, we opened its second branch in the Middle East region in the State of Kuwait early this year, and I plan now with my work team to open a larger number in more countries. During the next period.

I would like, through this project, to contribute to the development of the game, and the graduation of more talented players, we now have players in the first 100, and I think that the results of this project will appear more clearly over the next few years, as it is like a journey to search for the new Nadal, I dream about one of our players. On the Grand Slam tournaments and at the top of the international rankings, then I will be the happiest person on the planet.

Before concluding, let me assure you that there is another side of the story that I did not want to disclose, because we are in the atmosphere of celebrating Roland Garros, and due to the difficult health conditions we are also going through, but it is important to understand that these bright stories inevitably contain another very dark side. But the successful person is the one who always controls the first side over the second, bye.



* The phrases mentioned by Nadal in the report are fictional, but all the information he contained is correct.


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