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Raging race … Polling stations closed in Georgia and the results may be released today

Polling stations in Georgia closed their doors after voters cast their votes to choose their representatives in the US Senate, in a by-election that will determine who will prevail in the House of Republicans or Democrats.

The first results are expected to be released late at night or until Wednesday if results are close.

Republican Senators David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler are seeking to preserve their seats in the face of their Democratic rivals John Usoff and Raphael Warnock, in an important state that Democratic President-elect Joe Biden won by a slight margin in the presidential elections that took place on the third of last November.

It suffices for either of the outgoing Republican senators to be able to retain his seat so that the majority in the Senate in Washington remains in the hands of Biden’s opponents, while his allies need to win both seats in order to guarantee their president the start of an unobstructed term.

The preliminary results indicate an intense election race, as an hour after the polls closed, Democrat Warnock advanced over Loeffler by 6.2 percentage points, and his counterpart Usov had ahead of Purdue by 5.6 percentage points, after counting 20% ​​of the vote, according to the Edison Research Center.

The elections went smoothly without news of long lines (Reuters)

The state authorities said the elections went smoothly without news of long queues and a relatively low turnout on the part of voters.

This run-off took place due to the failure of any candidate to obtain the 50% of the votes needed to win the elections held in November, and the run-off was held on Tuesday between the two contenders who obtained the two highest percentages of votes for each seat.

The elections gained great importance in light of the division in the country, and broke records in the number of voters who participated in the early voting and the size of spending on the election campaign.

What indicates the importance of the race is that both US President Donald Trump and the national team, Biden, participated in a rally in the state on Monday, urging his supporters to vote massively in these elections.

Trump took advantage of his participation in the Georgia election campaign yesterday to repeat his statement by rigging the presidential elections, especially in that state, and said, “It is impossible that we lost Georgia.”

This came a day after a phone call was leaked to him in which he was pressuring the Georgia state secretary to change the election results, claiming that there were irregularities and fraud in the voting and counting processes.

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