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Ramos and Real Madrid .. 4 extensions and pitfalls in relations

A few months ago, Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos’ contract with his team expires, and there is no news of an extension of the contract, which ends next summer.

Although he is 34 years old, Ramos is still an important element on and off the field, and coach Zinedine Zidane sees him as the indispensable player in the royal defense.

4 extensions and pitfalls in relations marked the march of “the hammer” in the Meringue.

– The first extension in 2007: Ramos joined Real Madrid in 2005 with an 8-year contract, but after only two years the player agreed to improve his salary by increasing two million euros annually after deducting taxes, and the penalty clause in the contract remained 150 million euros.

After a year, the club president, Ramon Calderon, wanted to extend Ramos’ contract beyond 2013, but Sergio’s brother René and his agent did not reach an agreement with the club and the contract was not extended.

– The second extension in 2011: In June, Real Madrid announced the extension of the contract of Ramos and Portuguese defender Pepe to 2017, and his salary became 5 million euros.

– The third extension until 2020: After actively participating in Real Madrid’s 10th Champions League crowning in 2014 and scoring the equalizer in the exciting final against Atletico Madrid, his position in the club has become stronger and his role is more important.

Manchester United was waiting for any stumbling in the negotiations to snatch the international defender. But in the summer of 2015, Ramos’ brother and Florentino Perez, the current president of the team, reached an extension of Sergio’s contract until 2020.

Fourth extension until 2021: When Ramos turns 31, he extended the current contract to the summer of next year.

But in recent years the relationship between Ramos and Perez was not good, and in the 2018-2019 season a Chinese team made a tempting offer to Ramos, and the latter went to Perez to discuss the matter with him.

Perez revealed the dialogue that took place between him and Ramos, “He visited me in my office and told me: I got a very big offer from China, but the team does not want to pay money to Real in exchange for my transfer.” In the history of the club. “

After this incident, Ramos said, “I am ready to sign for life with the Real. My relationship with Perez as a father and son is getting stronger every day. I do not want to leave. I would like to retire in Real Madrid. I can play for free. Money is a small detail for me.”

Perez responded with a better greeting than Ramos, saying, “Ramos will remain in the team for life, the fans must rest assured … he is an inspiring leader, the team is a group of solidarity and a great credit for this belongs to him.”

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