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Ramos’ brother raises doubts about the future of the Real Madrid captain

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos continues to make the event during this period at the home of the royal club, with the approaching end of his contract with the team next June, and there are no indications of soon reaching an agreement to extend the contract between the two parties.

And starting from the beginning of this year, Ramos can negotiate with any club to move to its ranks starting next summer free of charge, which increases the pressure on the Real Madrid administration.

At a time when the leaks about the negotiations between Ramos and the Real Madrid administration increased, Rene – Ramos’ brother and his agent – came out with a position that increased the ambiguity about the player’s relationship with his team.

René re-posted a tweet by Spanish journalist Alfredo Duro, bearing an attack on the Real Madrid administration, and holding it responsible for not reaching an agreement with Ramos so far.

“Someone will have to explain how and why we got to this point, allowing your captain – a Real Madrid legend – to appear in ridiculous formations of players who today can freely sign for another club,” Duru wrote.

And press reports have confirmed that the Real Madrid administration has responded to the request of Ramos, 34, and granted him an offer to extend the contract for two seasons, even though the team approves the renewal for one season only for players over the age of 30.

The reports indicated that the renewal process faces obstacles, including a dispute over the reduction of the player’s salary, which the club demands as part of the policy to reduce the effects of the Corona pandemic, while Ramos is demanding a reward of two million euros if he plays 30 games during the season.

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