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Ready to sign military treaties with the Gulf states

Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami said that his country is ready to sign military and security treaties with the Gulf countries regarding stability in the region, warning that any Israeli threat emanating from the Gulf region will face a clear and direct response.

Hatami added – in an interview with the “Meet Today” program – that the Emirati and Bahraini normalization with Israel poses a direct threat to the security of the Gulf region.

Hatami considered that any negative repercussions for the normalization of relations with Israel would include the printing press, “because they are the ones who brought this strange gland to the region, which prompts us to reconsider relations with these countries.”

Hatami stressed that “there is no dialogue with America about our missile systems, and no one has the right to ask us to do so.”

Lifting the arms embargo

Regarding the lifting of the arms embargo on Iran, Hatami said that this is a political, economic and security opportunity for his country.

The Iranian Minister of Defense stated that his country’s interest at the current stage is focused on selling and exporting weapons, not importing them, noting that more than 30 countries wish to buy Iranian weapons.

He added, “We have important agreements with Russia and China with the aim of developing our air force systems for the post-arms embargo period.”

Hatami defended his country’s right to armaments, stressing that “the end of the arms embargo is an opportunity for us to import our weapons needs and export our weapons to others.” At the same time, however, he indicated that Tehran was keen not to launch an arms race that would turn the region into a powder keg.

On the other hand, Hatami accused the United States of pushing the region into an arms race because of its policies, stressing that Tehran has no intention to attack any country because “the security of the region is our security.”

Karabakh war

Regarding the war in the Nagorno Karabakh region, the Iranian Defense Minister stressed that his country has no intention of interfering in the ongoing war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, warning of the confrontation turning into a proxy war.

“We have issued clear official warnings to Azerbaijan and Armenia regarding the security of our border regions,” Hatami added. He called for “an end to the occupation, which is the basis of this crisis and confrontation, and a commitment to respect the sovereignty of states.”

Hatami described the accusations leveled against Iran of allowing Russia to transfer arms to Armenia as “outright lies and baseless accusations.” We expect Turkey – being an important and friendly regional country – to help solve the crisis diplomatically.

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