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Real Madrid always overcome difficult situations

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane said that his team always surpasses difficult situations, before hosting Real Sociedad on Monday with the aim of tightening the screws on Atletico Madrid, leaders of the Spanish Football League.

Real Madrid were 10 points behind Atletico when they lost their home 2-1 to Levante at the end of January, but their shaky career spurt in February despite the injury crisis.

Real were the only Spanish team to win the first leg of the Champions League final, when they beat Atlanta 1-0 on Wednesday, after losing Seville, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.

“This is how the team works, and when things turn against us, we know how to act in difficult situations,” Zidane told reporters.

“We all realize that we always have experience in the face of difficulties during the season, but we are also going through good periods and we go through a very long season and there are a lot of matches left and we have not achieved anything so far,” he added.

And the royal club enters Monday’s match in third place after Barcelona’s 2-0 victory over Seville on Saturday to join the race for the title.

Zidane said that he had never thought of Atletico as part of the title, and continued, “The competition at the present time is between 3 teams and before that, people said that one team will be crowned, and soon, the competition will be between two teams.

Injury problems have diminished with the return of Federico Valverde, Alvaro Odriozola, Marcelo and Rodrygo to training, but the absence of striker Karim Benzema and captain Sergio Ramos and the most expensive deal in the club’s history, Eden Hazard, continues.

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