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Real Madrid hardly defeats Valladolid .. Watch the winning goal and did it come from clear offside?

The young Brazilian substitute striker Vinicius Junior saved his team Real Madrid from a goalless draw by scoring the precious 1-0 victory over Valladolid on Wednesday in the fourth round of the Spanish Football League, amid doubts about the goal’s validity for offside.

At the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in the capital, Madrid, the LaLiga champions made a lackluster display in the first half, which ended in a goalless draw, and then the performance of the two teams improved and there were many dangerous opportunities on the two goals in the second half.

Junior, 20, scored the winning goal in the 65th minute, just 7 minutes after relegation, to raise the Real Madrid tally to 7 points and advance to third place on goal difference only behind Getafe and Valencia and ahead of Villarreal.

Valladolid stuck at two points in the 17th place, as it suffered a second defeat for two draws in the four matches it played in the competition this season.

Some questioned the goal of the royal victory, as they accused the arena referee and the video assistant referee (Farr) of overlooking the calculation of a clear offside against the goal-scorer Junior.

The truth is that Junior was in a clear offside position when the ball was played for him, but he was not offside, because the arbitration rule says that standing in an offside position is not a violation in itself, but the conditions for calculating offside must apply to him.

In the case of Junior, he received the ball from the opponent and this is one of the cases in which the striker is not considered an offside, even if he is many meters away.

Article 11 (offside) of the Football Law stipulates the exclusion of some cases from the count of offside, which are the goal kick, the corner kick and the throw-in, in addition to receiving the ball directly from the opponent and it is subject to several conditions that all apply to the case of Junior, who scored a 100% correct goal.

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