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‘Reconciliation is dead and we will shut down Canada,’ Wet’suwet’en supporters say

‘Reconciliation is dead and we will shut down Canada,’ Wet’suwet’en supporters say

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  1. Apparently the issues are as follows:

    * The elected FN council (which only has authority on the reserve itself) entered into an agreement with the Federal government
    * The agreement was not ratified by the traditional hereditary leaders (who have control and authority over all the unceded territory) nor was there a proper consultation with all aspects of the FN gov’t
    * Apparently, the hereditary leaders proposed an alternative pipeline route in order avoid ecologically sensitive areas, but the company and the federal government said no, and took the agreement the elected council gave them.
    * Now there is a split between the elected council and the hereditary leaders which has spilled into the rest of Canada.

    If anyone has further information about developments or clarifications of my information, please feel free to comment.

  2. >“Reconciliation is dead and we will shut down Canada until Canada pays attention and listens to and meets our demands.”

    The problem with such an approach is that a majority of Canadians may not appreciate a minority trying to force its particular agenda on them.

    >The rail disruption has forced already cancelled Via Rail traffic for more than 24,000 travellers, the company said Tuesday, while CN Rail released a statement saying it has cancelled “hundreds of trains” since the blockades began Feb. 6. The company said the blockades are “harming the country’s reputation as a stable and viable” trading partner, and warned it could be forced to shut down “significant parts” of its Canadian network as parked trains fill available space with containers of perishable food, fuels like coal and propane, de-icing fluid for airports, and other goods.

    Getting attention, and their demands listened to, they may certainly achieve.
    But what if that results in rejection, rather than acceptance?

  3. Didn’t every single one of the 20 something tribal councils agree to the pipeline? That only unelected chiefs appose it? Please correct me if I’m wrong. If it was the other way around, where chiefs had made the agreements and not democratically elected council members, I could understand and I would agree with the protests. But this? This just seems insane, protesting for the sake of protesting,

  4. As a Canadian, East Coaster.

    I’m struggling to see how they’re gonna shut down Canada for us on the East Coast

  5. If all the elected officials in an area are in support of this project, why should we take action on the request of an unelected chief who doesn’t even hold sway within his own nation with said elected officials?

    Why isn’t this an internal matter regarding those elected officials if they aren’t representing the will of their own people?

  6. Those who say reconciliation is dead are plunging their brethren and future generations to further poverty and pain. Anyone who doesn’t what to reconcile should be thrown out of the room so the adults can have a conversation. While not enough has been done in the past 30 years, progress has been made and it would be a damn shame to throw it out. It’s immature and dangerous.

  7. Yes, That will get you a lot of support. Nothing like stopping people from earning a living to gain support for your cause.

    There are two sides to this for those who do not know about it. There is an elected native government that supports the (natural gas) pipeline and the hereditary Chiefs who oppose it.

  8. >“We’ve been resisting for 500 years and we’ll be resisting for 500 more if that’s what it takes to earn the respect and have a real nation-to-nation relationship,” Guest said.

    Umm, yeah… you haven’t been a nation in any meaningful sense of the word for a hundred years or more.

  9. Fuck these people. Their “chiefs” have all made agreements to allow and profit from the pipeline and now they whine that their own chiefs dont represent them? Well, take it up internally and stop blaming the rest of the country.

  10. By by support from Canadians.

  11. Shut down Canada how? Close all the Timmies?

  12. Man having a separately governed group of people within our country just doesn’t seem sustainable to me. Do we still plan to have segregated reserves in 100 years from now? As shitty as it sounds, I honestly think they need to just integrate into normal society.

  13. I’m very sorry to say that among many immigrant communities, the FN position is not respected, and I’m not sure what the FN can do to change this. Immigrants moved to the Canada they saw in books, on TV, and not in Canadian history books…they see the FN as an obstacle to progress.

    I absolutely don’t support this particular pipeline, it’s fracked gas and dirty as hell. But if you block my path to tell me how you feel about it, well, that’s common assault, and some of those being impeded will cheerfully up the ante.

    If we hadn’t let O&G buy every single one of the right-wing politicians of AB & SK, we mightn’t have such a problem here. Frankly I think altering *that* circumstance would have more of a salutary effect on relations than anything else.

  14. Why dont they have the pipeline along provincial and federal roads? It may not be as direct and as cheap, but who stands to benefit the most from the pipeline here?

  15. Haven’t seen much international news coverage over this.

    It’s actually a pretty big deal.

    I’ll reserve my true comments from this post but so many of these protesters have no idea what they are truly protesting. [PROOF](https://twitter.com/jarmstrongbc/status/1227774436591521792)

  16. “Reconciliation is dead” Thank God! It was a dead-end policy in any event.

  17. Pretty much. We’ve all been predicting that this culture of victimization that the Liberals fostered would eventually blow up in their face. You see it with the NDP as well. In BC it was fine when they were blocking roads and bridges. The police even arrested a guy in Victoria who was trying to dismantle an illegal road block on a highway. But now that there was protesting at the BC legislature it’s gone too far.

  18. If this was a pulp mill instead of a gas pipeline, ie. even more polluting, we wouldn’t hear boo about it from the hereditary chiefs or anyone else.

    Hell even if it was a gas pipeline to anywhere else we wouldn’t hear boo about it.

    This is a pipeline to an export terminal. Hence far more international attention and interference about it.

    Added to the fact that the vast majority indiginous nation in question wants the project installed, the ‘protect their rights’ argument is dead.

    Hereditary chiefs in Haida were removed when they approved a project against the will of their people, so not even that aspect works for the minority chiefs in Wet’suwet’en.

  19. As someone of native heritage in BC, this situation has taught me many things about my fellow Canadians:

    – regular Canadians, at least on social media believe demonstrations and protests should be met with things like running protestors or demonstrators over. Assaulting them. Shooting them with firearms. Having the military beat them up. Hosing them down with fire hoses, in places where it’s below zero degrees celcuis. Apparently most people with opinions about this believe we should no longer live in a free democracy where people are allowed to demonstrate or protest. These people also believe each and every one of the protestors are either bad law breakers, or “paid professional actors.” Meaning a bunch of conspiracies are apparently easier to believe than an entire group of marginalized people being fed up with getting pushed around.

    – According to the people cheering the government or the law on, we’re now all okay with a paramilitary police force, swarming peaceful protesters, dressed like soldiers, carrying assault rifles and using dogs. Again, against PEACEFUL protesters at 4:30am. But ONLY if these people are not white. If this happened in a nice white affluent neighborhood, the nation would be having a VERY different outcry and discussion right now. Did I mention people also justify all this and how they think these people should ALL be dealt with because of a few bad apples? Everyone also quickly says these “troublesome Indians” were also out trying to destroy a bridge. Yet was that every single one of them? Do we even have confirmation it was native people? Or is this just yet another case of their oppressors making shit up to justify how they’re being dealt with? I heard that bridge was one they themselves and their people used every day. So yeah; makes sense that they’d try and destroy it. I guess. /shrug.

    – the third thing I’ve noticed here is that everyone is either hostile and racist towards native people (no surprise, actually ) or that they’re apparently all experts suddenly in native social and economical issues. On the one hand, people like to smugly talk about how bands should be spending their money, on the other they also like to assume these bands are just “given” that money for no reason. When I press people for answers about their opinions and they can’t gimme any insightful or intelligent answers, they just end up generalizing it all with “those people need to stop living in the past.”

    Yeah. As someone with lots of native relatives, I can tell you, native people everywhere would also love to stop living in the past. Yet its the law and our government continuing to keep them down. The past is also where native people were screwed at every turn, leading to their predicament they’re in today. So while they get screwed *once again,* you get to smugly say they’re just living in the past, as you yourself throw out some casual racism towards them.

  20. Where’s the Hudson’s bay company when you need them…

  21. Linking to a podcast with Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun’s provincial affairs political columnist, with his views on this and the complexity of the issues.


    According to this article, Vaugh Palmer states that past NDP statements may have laid the foundation for pipeline protests.


  22. The world doesn’t need another pipeline. Wake up Canada.

  23. This isn’t the first time they have done this. They give up pretty easy and everyone forgets about it. In a few years. They’ll try again.

  24. Well, throw them in prison then. They lost their damn vote and they can’t claim they represent people.

  25. We have to jail these fake tribe members, shut down Canada (we are already shut down by Trudeau-the-all-mighty-hyporcrite), maybe move to Sweden and hang out with Greta and shut down the world economy and support yourself with donations from woke simple-minded people. Why are we worried about Canada we have a small population in comparison to China and India who are all major polluters.

  26. If people are wondering who’s organizing these protests, I have a friend who is 30 and has organized a few of these. My friend is a 30 year old student (never graduated keeps switching majors), that literally couch surfed in 3rd world countries for 4 years, angry at the world (specifically the rich), angry that he has student loans, and angry that his life is complete shit. Him and his friends (a bunch of weed-smoking hippie losers with nose rings) were organizing on facebook for the protests for weeks. These unemployed socialist losers (yes he’s a proud socialist) are the ones blocking roads, railways, and ports. Don’t for a moment sympathize with these protesters, they are ECONOMIC terrorists with a frenzy similar to religious fanatics.

  27. Some people really want the ~~US~~ Asia to buy Natural Gas from Russia instead.

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