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Regeni’s case .. European Parliament votes to pass sanctions against human rights violators in Egypt

Yesterday, Thursday, the European Parliament voted on a draft resolution discussing the continuing deterioration in the human rights file in Egypt, and during the session held in Brussels, MPs said that the time has come to adopt a sanctions mechanism against human rights violators there.

The European Commission said it had asked the Egyptian authorities to cooperate with the Italian judiciary in the investigations into the killing of the Italian researcher Giulio Regeni.

In turn, the head of the Human Rights Committee in the European Parliament, Marie Arena, called for activating the sanctions mechanism against the Egyptian regime, due to its continuous violations of human rights.

During a session at the European Parliament in Brussels to discuss a draft resolution on the human rights situation in Egypt, Arina said, “The European Union should respond firmly and firmly to these violations,” and demanded that it stand by the Egyptian people, not with the regime of Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

For its part, the United Nations said that any possible European Union sanctions resolution against Egypt is sovereign.

This came in a press conference held by the spokesperson of the Secretary-General, Stephan Dujarric, through a videoconference with journalists at the permanent headquarters of the International Organization in New York.

Dujarric said that the decisions of the European Union are sovereign, and we do not have to discuss what it may or may not decide, and he stressed that what the Union will do in this regard is up to him.

Italian procedures

In a related context, Italian Parliament Speaker Roberto Fico said that after all the judicial investigations into the murder of citizen and researcher Giulio Regeni, “we should be a more angry country.”

In an interview with the Italian parliamentary press, Fico confirmed that he personally began to move at the European level to highlight human rights violations in Egypt, adding that the European Union must take strict decisions against it, saying that there are other European countries waiting to seize the opportunity to overcome this.

The Italian Speaker of Parliament also stressed the need to activate a dialogue within the institutions of the European Union, to make an important breakthrough in the issue of human rights in Egypt.

It is noteworthy that the Italian prosecution announced last week that it suspects 4 Egyptian security personnel, including an officer with a rank in the General Intelligence, in the case of the disappearance and murder of the student.

Regeni is an Italian researcher who was preparing a study in Egypt on labor movements when he disappeared in Cairo on January 25, 2016, only to find his body nine days later with signs of torture.

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