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Reshaping the Sovereignty Council and the Cabinet and appointing the legislature within days

Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok announced on Friday that the Sovereignty Council and the Council of Ministers will be reconstituted and the Legislative Council appointed within days.

Hamdok said in a speech broadcast on state television, on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of Sudan’s independence on January 1, 1956, “Our consultations with the various components of the transitional authority in order to complete the governance structures have not ceased, and the next few days will witness the formation of the Council of Ministers, the announcement of the commissions, and the Council.” Sovereign, as well as the Legislative Council. “

He added that the government seeks for the Legislative Council to be representative of all sectors and groups of the Sudanese people, in order to carry out its legislative and oversight tasks directed to the course of the transitional period.

“We are looking ahead to the stage of rebuilding the national state on the basis of democracy, justice and freedom, and there is no way to do that except with the participation of all national forces in the national building process,” he added.

He stressed that peace remains the first priority for the transitional period, and without it there will be neither stability nor development, nor will we agree on a permanent constitution, nor will we reach free, fair and comprehensive elections.

“We must complete the peace journey that we started, from continuing the dialogue with the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement led by Abdel-Aziz Al-Hilu, and the Sudan Liberation Movement led by Abdel-Wahid Nour, with no ceilings except for the national interest,” he added.

On October 3, the government and the Revolutionary Front (armed movements) signed a final peace agreement, without the participation of the SPLM, led by Al-Hilu, and the Sudan Liberation Movement, led by Abdel-Wahid Nour, which is fighting in Darfur State (West).

The peace agreement provides for the participation of the parties to the peace process within the power structures in the transitional phase, which includes 3 councils, namely the Sovereignty Council and the Council of Ministers, in addition to the Legislative Council.

The formation of the Legislative Council was delayed after it was scheduled to take place in January 2020, according to a timetable for the formation of the transitional authority structures.

Last November, the Sudanese authorities amended the constitutional document, to include an extension of the transitional period for about 14 months, after a 39-month period was approved, whose calculation begins in August 2019.

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