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Revealed: 6,000 passengers on cruise ships despite coronavirus crisis

Revealed: 6,000 passengers on cruise ships despite coronavirus crisis

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  1. They should certainly not be allowed to dock anywhere but their port of origin at this point.

  2. Way past time to shutdown the cruise industry permanently.

  3. That seems like very little? There are individual crew ships that hold that many people.

  4. 6 ships isn’t great, but suffice to say it isn’t representative of the industry in its entirety. That’s probably less than a hundredth of a percent of cruise ships running during normal times.

    You can find similar rates of bad actors in almost any profession.

  5. corporate malfeasance. They are abetting public health crisis and then repeatedly asking for public help to be rescued.

  6. I always thought cruises were very unappealing. I don’t want to eat a lot and wander around a ship. Drinking too much and dancing badly. Being subject to International law or that of the ships registry. Its a phoney scene to me. I am never going on a cruise! Nothing the cruise companies do suprises me! What a hump of crap. Sorry for the older people who died pursuing their happiness this way!

  7. Wouldn’t that be like 3 cruise ships worth? Not saying it’s ok, but for the % of the population who are morons, that is lower number than I would have expected.

  8. The only thing I can thank the cruise ship industry for is losing my virginity.

    Thanks, Carnival, from the bottom of my penis.

  9. Yes, I don’t know how these shops were even allowed to continue to run after the very first fiasco aboard a ship. And I’m sorry but if you was stupid to get on the boat then your stuck were ever it goes!

  10. Everyone is talking about suing the cruise lines, which is fine, but can we also please sue the passengers for contributory negligence?

  11. What dipshits decided to keep them open? Governments need to crack down hard on the em and Jail/fine the shit out of em.

  12. loose lips sink cruise ships

  13. 6000 idiots that thought hopping on a floating Petri dish was a good idea.

  14. Seagoing petri dishes…

  15. Let’s set the auto pilot to take them to Antarctica.

  16. Then they cry when are not allowed to dock anywhere,leave them there,everyone gangsta these days and others have to pay when they fuck up.i can be gangsta motherfuckers but there is tough and there is stupid.

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