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Rich people are staying healthy for almost a decade longer than poor people

Rich people are staying healthy for almost a decade longer than poor people

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  1. Better be rich and healthy than poor and sick

    -who knew?

  2. >From the age of 50, the wealthiest men analyzed could expect another 31 healthy years of life — compared with the least well-off, who could only expect another 22 to 23 healthy years.

    I’m sure job types play a role here. Men from middle to lower classes typically work in environments that create chronic health problems. All of my grandfathers and uncles worked in industrial facilities. At about 50, they all started to have serious health issues. All grandfathers died of multiple attorney billboard ad-type illnesses. It doesn’t have to be industrial. Mechanics, builders, building and grounds maintenance, etc. all have health-damaging chemicals they regularly work with.

  3. Wow… its almost like having more money let’s you live a better life.

  4. Ghetto food is unhealthy AF. Fast food, Chinese food, lots of fried shit with lots of sauce. Eating healthy is not only expensive but in some areas it is impossible because there is simply no access to healthy options.

  5. It’s almost as if their access to better medical care, better food, and less overall stress from financial hardships are somehow a contributing factor.

  6. It’s because they can do a blood transfusion with the blood of the young, isn’t it? /s

  7. chzbrgr = $1

    salad = $oul and both arms

  8. I’m pretty sure this has been a thing since there could be rich and poor people.

  9. I’m from Glasgow so no matter how rich i ever am, you’ll all have a good 5 years over me

  10. Yea when being healthy can only be affordable by the rich that makes sence…

  11. I mean on average, who could have guess those with the means to prevent and treat illnesses would live longer than those without..

  12. At the cost of how many poor people?

  13. Did you mean that we, slaves, are dying earlier than relaxed rich? Oh, shame to not live longer on this shithole on retirement for 1/4 of your previous earnings.

  14. That’s why old people are usually such assholes.

  15. How is this news? Duh. You sleep in a safe warm bed every night, have good hygiene, healthy diet and good medical care, lovely vacations and a lot more. Big stupid surprise!

  16. Class divide… this is what happens when you allow the concentration of wealth for 70 years… Nothing to see here go back to your public schools and TVs. The class war has already been fought and lost.

  17. didnt help steve jobs and many other wealthy people, cancer doesnt discriminate between rich and poor

  18. on Average. Prince died at 50, Bowie at 69. Heart attacks and cancer can still kill the uber wealthy, so in reality rich people are likely living a lot more than 10 years beyond the poor.

    but it’s probably also skewed by the fact that poor people dying young could one day be rich, but aren’t yet, so meh. This is probably a nonsense number other than saying that good healthcare access allows you to live longer more fulfilling lives, which was known long before this article.

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