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Rioters on Capitol are a reflection of Trump’s galaxy

Believers in conspiracy theories, ex-soldiers, Republicans elected, overwhelmingly white men and women, it was all on Wednesday in Washington at the Congressional Battle, and even the bad guys of the millionaires were also there.

The French newspaper Le Monde said that the FBI in Washington collected pictures of the rioters who stormed the Capitol building on Wednesday, January 6th, and created a colorful exhibition of enthusiastic, unthinking extremist activists. Originally in hiding their identities.

However, the newspaper’s correspondent in New York, Arnaud Le Parmantier, said that the exhibition lacked two pictures (knowing that the judicial investigation concerned only those who entered the building, not the instigators): The first is a picture of President Donald Trump, who sent his herds to the Congress building, and promised at a certain moment to accompany them. The other is a photo of Ashley Babbitt, an enthusiastically supportive former soldier, who was the only one shot.

Ashley .. from shadow to light
In a video clip published by The Washington Post, Ashley was seen in crowds trying to enter the residence of Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, and she was trying to cross a window when the bullet that hit her was fired before she died in hospital.

And a short while ago, Ashley photographed herself in a video posted on Facebook after hearing President Trump’s speech, saying, “It was great to see the president speak, now we’re walking toward the Capitol.” These were the last messages on the activist’s social media account, the reporter says.

This white woman of “humble origin”, who had previously elected Barack Obama – as the reporter says – she spent 14 years in the Air Force, and worked in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Emirates, and in the Washington area, but she was very moody, which disturbed her relationship with her bosses, so she left the army in 2005. 2016 with a modest rank.

The life of this civilian activist was no better, as it seems to the newspaper’s correspondent, than her military life. She ran a financially failing swimming pool maintenance business before throwing herself recklessly into political activism, with more than 8,600 tweets, violent videos, and hate speeches against Camala Harris, Vice President-elect Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton attacked Trump’s former rival in the 2016 presidential election.

Ashley describes Covid-19 as a “silly joke,” and explains at the entrance to her workplace – known as America – that this is a “free zone without masks,” and she has been longing for January 6 for a long time, and says, “Nothing will stop us. They can try again and again, but the storm is here and it will descend over Washington in less than 24 hours: from shadow to light. “

Ashley died as a “martyr” in the eyes of the “Trumpists,” and 3 of her comrades were killed with her in different circumstances. A policeman was also killed after being wounded by demonstrators who beat him with a fire extinguisher, as was published in the press.

Jacob Anthony Chansley .. Zulkarnain
The reporter said that the hunt for rioters continues, and pointed out that their clothes reflect a large presence of paramilitary forces and neo-Nazis, such as that man with a long beard who wears a shirt bearing the words “Auschwitz .. Work gives you freedom.” In reference to the motto written at the entrance to the famous Nazi extermination camp Auschwitz.

The FBI has received more than 40,000 reports from Americans, and has issued charges against more than 120 rioters, with penalties of up to 5 years in prison for riots and 10 years for damaging more than $ 1,000 worth of equipment or for mutiny.

However, the most famous character – according to the reporter – is undoubtedly Jacob Anthony Chansley (32 years old), also known as Jake Angeli or Keio Anun Shaman, who is from Arizona, where the Kyo Anon conspiracy networks have proliferated, and he wears a fur hat with two horns and his chest Shame, tattooed, his face tinted with the colors of the American flag, his appearance sparked the interest of the press before the building was raided.

This man appeared in a video tape talking about the conspiracy of central bankers, and he claimed that they established a headquarters under the mountains of Switzerland, and they are seeking from there to enslave the world, and despite his arrest on charges of illegal entry into the Capitol building, he sees that what he did is not wrong because the building is public And funded by the taxes of citizens who is one of them.

Richard Barnett .. Activist, his legs are on the table
The third celebrity rioter – according to the newspaper’s correspondent – is that man who put his feet on a table in Nancy Pelosi’s office, it is Richard Barnett (60 years), and he surrendered to the authorities in Arkansas on Friday.

Barnett is on trial for stealing public property, as he left the Congress building carrying a wooden plaque indicating the entrance to Pelosi’s office, saying, “She is not our Speaker.” He also took a letter with him from the office of the House Speaker whose laptop had disappeared, and yet he confirmed that he had not stolen The message says, “I left a 25-cent coin on the table because I am not a thief.”

This enthusiastic activist – who poses on social networks the identity of General Patton who died in 1945 – announced at the end of December 2020 that he would go to Washington, and announced that he was ready to shed blood, saying, “I was born screaming, I am stained with the blood of another person, and I am not afraid to leave The world in the same way. “

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