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Royal Caribbean cruise line bans all Chinese citzens from ships amid coronavirus fears

Royal Caribbean cruise line bans all Chinese citzens from ships amid coronavirus fears

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  1. “The head of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice, Li Fuying, told reporters that people deliberately concealing contacts or refusing isolation could be punished with death.” It’s literally the last paragraph of the article. Am I the only one that read that far?

  2. Royal Caribbean has designed ships specifically for the Chinese market so I think the real reasons for the temp ban are two

    * 1. china has curtailed travel by the Chinese public basically making it hard to get travel permits so there have been mass cancellations. basically for most Chinese citizens they have already cancelled so Royal Caribbean will only lose few bookings over the ban
    * 2. some country’s are refusing entry to Chinese cruise passengers also royal is trying to reduce the risk of a ship being put into quarantine like the cruise ship Diamond Princess

  3. To be fair to Royal Caribbean, the entire cruise ship industry is taking a massive hit because of the coronavirus. Some of the cruise lines operating in the Asia Pacific region have seen their business decline by 80%, with no prospects of recovering in the short term. Banning all passengers from China is a drastic step, but they literally can’t afford to take a chance on any more ships becoming infected. The coronavirus has utterly decimated China’s tourism industry.

  4. Cruise ships are disease prisons

    Legionnaires disease is the most common one

    It doesn’t matter how many casinos it has I’d rather not spend my last hours shitting myself to death in a fancy viral prison

  5. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.sbs.com.au/news/royal-caribbean-cruise-line-bans-all-chinese-citzens-from-ships-amid-coronavirus-fears) reduced by 70%. (I’m a bot)
    > A major cruise line has taken the extraordinary step of banning citizens of China, regardless of when they were last there.

    > Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd issued a statement on Friday saying: "Any guest or crewmen travelling from, to, or through mainland China, Hong Kong or Macau less than 15 days prior to their sailing will be unable to board any of our ships.”

    > There were 41 new cases among about 3,700 people quarantined in a cruise ship off Japan, taking the total to 61, while Chinese-ruled Hong Kong quarantined for a third day a cruise ship with 3,600 on board.

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  6. Cancel the cruise and give every passenger a refund. The ban is like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. Non-China citizens are carriers already. RC’s ban is due to a profit maximizing algorithm, they greedily want to keep the revenue from non-China citizens.

    Greed Kills.

  7. Contracting the coronavirus gives me another reason to avoid cruise lines. The other being trapped on a boat with a few thousand people getting drunk and eating undercooked shellfish

  8. Too late. All travel should have been cut off a month ago.

    The genie is out of the bottle.

  9. They also won’t allow people on who’ve been in contact with any who’s visited China recently.

    So if you have a booking and you want to cancel for free (no way I’d be getting on one of those giant Petri dishes right now), just say you met someone who’s been to China last week.

  10. Perhaps a silver lining of this outbreak is a brief respite in the grossly excessive leasuire travel industry? Cruising and airplane flights account for a huge amount of unnecessary GHG emissions. This industry needs a radical re-think in light of accelerating climate change.

    The best time to change was 30 years ago. The second best time is today.

  11. I mean, kinda late to the party aren’t we?

  12. Investigate the military tents east of Wuhan and you’ll find the bodies. China is lying about the true mortality rate. The bodies are burned in trenches at night (elevated SO2 levels peak at 6 AM)


  13. Shere are the comments calling them racist? Imagine if Trumped signed an EO banned all Chinese. This site would be in meltdown mode.

  14. Stop eating wild animals!

  15. Good for Chinese citizens. Who the fuck wants to go on a cruise?

  16. Newsflash:

    # Number of people spitting on the decks goes down 99%

  17. Why can they not take these poor people off the ship and to a hospital or base? It seems like this was handled in the worst way. 1 person was sick? Okay let’s keep every other passenger in these tight quarters where they can incubate and catch the disease 10 days after because who knows where the virus has been hanging out on that ship. Then we’ll release them because they passed the 14 day from hell test.

  18. Always thought cruises are dangerous, even without this going around. Never going on one.

  19. This is absolutely outrageous. Chinese citizens live all over the world, far from China. Really makes me angry. Are they going to ban Australian citizens who were born in China, too? Royal Caribbean is such a garbage company. Destroying the oceans wasn’t enough for them.

  20. > So I hear your a racist now father?

    > It’s not the Greeks! It’s the Chinese he’s after!

    Father Ted.

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