Russia demands Google delete anti-government protest videos from YouTube: Russia’s media oversight agency is demanding Google take action to stop the spread of information about illegal mass protests

Russia calls for Google delete anti-government protest movies from YouTube: Russia’s media oversight company is demanding Google take motion to cease the unfold of details about unlawful mass protests

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  1. With so many tech billionaires making political statements, it’s time for one of them to form and finance an information group. If Putin Pedik and China Pooh Bear wants something deleted, we should make sure that it will never disappear.

    (And we should make sure it is as widespread in Russia and China as anywhere else.)

  2. That Russian media oversight agency RosKomNadzor is full of shit, just like the rest of the country’s corrupt government that is falling apart as we speak. The whole system is rotten to the bone and the people in it should all be fired and put in jail.

  3. The protests are not illegal because the right to peacefully protest on public property is explicitly written in the Russian constitution, and therefore supercedes any bullshit laws passed by Putin’s rubber-stamp parliament. I wish the press would start getting it right instead of falling for the Kremlin’s narrative.

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