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Russia may have hacked Burisma to get dirt on Bidens: report

Russia may have hacked Burisma to get dirt on Bidens: report

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  1. What another totally random and odd coincidence that Russia is doing something to benefit Trump.

  2. Why isn’t this coming to front page?

  3. Trump: I never asked them to do this. But if you find something, maybe share it with me?

  4. Get dirt or plant it for guiliani to miraculously find

  5. Not an American but I mean, if Biden actually has “dirts”, wouldn’t the Americans want to know about them?

  6. Lmao, Biden hasn’t airstriked a foriegn power due to impeachment proceeding, alongside feeling racist butthurt since obama got a nobel peace prize, nearly starting a new war with people who have dictators with nuclear weapons , and he never said he’d target 52 important heritage sites.

    but our RASICT IN CHIEF did.
    Donald J Trump.

  7. “Russia if you’re listening”

  8. Trump/Russia win, and America loses.

  9. It appears that the Odd Couple partnership between Putin and Trump is still in full force.

  10. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.businessinsider.com/russia-hacked-burisma-biden-dirt-report-2020-1) reduced by 81%. (I’m a bot)
    > Russian military intelligence operatives have been working to hack into Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural-gas company, since at least November, The New York Times found in an explosive new report.

    > The Times' report also cited a US security official as saying Russian hacking attempts against Burisma "Appear to be running parallel" to efforts by Russian spies in Ukraine to obtain dirt that would embarrass the Bidens.

    > Area 1, the cybersecurity firm that discovered the attacks, found in a report that Russia's hacking technique with respect to Burisma bore some significant parallels to when it hacked into the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 election and stole thousands of emails that were damaging to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

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  11. Right, then.

    Where’s the dirt?

  12. What would we say when democrats crap themselves again?

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