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Saeb Erekat was transferred to an Israeli hospital for treatment for Corona virus

Today, Sunday, the Palestine Liberation Organization announced that its secretary, Saeb Erekat, who was infected with the Coronavirus, had been transferred to an Israeli hospital for treatment.

The Organization’s Negotiations Affairs Department confirmed, in a brief statement, that Erekat was transferred for treatment due to chronic health problems in his respiratory system, and the special medical care and supervision his condition requires.

“The condition of his brother is not good, and he suffers from general weakness and lack of oxygen,” Saber Erekat told AFP.

Erekat, 65, who is the secretary of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization in addition to his role as head of the negotiations department, has been receiving medical care at his home since his infection with the virus was revealed on October 8th.

There is growing concern about Erekat’s endurance, as he underwent a lung transplant in the United States in 2017.

In turn, the official Israeli Broadcasting Corporation said, “The Palestinian Authority has requested Tel Aviv to transfer Erekat to a hospital in Israel after his health deteriorated.”

Erekat is considered one of the most prominent leaders in the Palestinian Authority, and he led political negotiations with Israel for more than two decades during his presidency of the Department of Negotiations Affairs of the PLO, and was known to be close to the late leader Yasser Arafat.

Erekat has intensified in recent weeks statements opposing the normalization of relations between Israel and the Gulf states, in light of the absence of a peace agreement between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

As of Sunday, the occupied West Bank had recorded more than 42,000 cases of Coronavirus and 381 deaths.

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