Home / news / Satellite images reveal China is destroying Muslim graveyards where generations of Uighur families are buried and replaces them with car parks and playgrounds ‘to eradicate the ethnic group’s identity’

Satellite images reveal China is destroying Muslim graveyards where generations of Uighur families are buried and replaces them with car parks and playgrounds ‘to eradicate the ethnic group’s identity’

Satellite tv for pc pictures reveal China is destroying Muslim graveyards the place generations of Uighur households are buried and replaces them with automotive parks and playgrounds ‘to eradicate the ethnic group’s id’

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  2. “In other news, China is continuing with their own modern version of the Holocaust”

  3. Just a question – is there anything being done, any action taken by other countries or government about this ? I feel like every news outlet is reporting this extermination of the Uighurs, but no government has even officially spoken against it. What’s up with this, and what can we do as individuals??

  4. If you want to eradicate the future of a people, eradicate their past and roots. Works every time. #nazichina

  5. Why does every news coming from China sounds like dystopian?

  6. I remember that time where this would have been called a Genocide.

  7. Why use violence? You can just remove ethnic groups by changing their demographics and demolishing their history.

  8. Can we finally call it what it is? A genocide?

  9. China not respecting other ethnic groups?! Impossible

  10. The more brazen China is with ethnic cleansing the more likely it’ll be the fate of others as China decides what’s theirs. Taiwan and Hong Kong today, perhaps me and you tomorrow.

  11. Why does China not seem to give a fuck about anything or anyone? Its genuinely terrifying that china has no morals or ethics.

    It’s like it’s run by robots or pure physcopaths. Just no emotion or empathy for any living thing.

  12. This is another step in China’s never-ending campaign to annihilate human rights:

    * Hundreds of human rights lawyers (not even dissidents, just the LAWYERS who defended people) were snatched by gestapo all over China in what is known as the [709 Crackdown](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/709_crackdown).

    * One of those lawyers, Wang Quanzhang was [sentenced to 4.5 years](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jan/28/wang-quanzhang-china-sentences-human-rights-lawyer-to-four-years-in-prison) for “subversion of state power”. But that’s not enough. China actually [went after Wang’s 6-year-old son](https://chinachange.org/2019/09/06/imprisoned-lawyer-wang-quanzhangs-six-year-old-son-once-again-forced-out-of-school/), forcing him out of his school and banning any other school from taking him in.

    * A dissident, [Wang Bingzhang](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wang_Bingzhang_(dissident)) was kidnapped by Chinese agents in Vietnam and sentenced to life in prison after a closed trial that lasted 1 day.

    * A man wore a t-shirt with the word “Xitler” on it and [was disappeared](https://www.hongkongfp.com/2016/11/03/young-chinese-activist-missing-after-sharing-plan-to-wear-xitler-t-shirt-on-cpc-anniversary-report/). Eventually he was [tried for “subversion of state power” while barred from meeting with lawyers](https://www.hongkongfp.com/2017/02/15/chinese-xitler-activist-trial-subversion-lawyers-barred-seeing/)

    * Another man, [Wang Meiyu](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/sep/27/death-of-chinese-activist-in-police-custody-prompts-calls-for-investigation-into-torture) hold up a placard calling for Xi’s resignation & democracy. He was arrested for “picking quarrels”. He ended up dead in custody.

    * A woman live streamed herself [splashing ink on a Xi poster](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9sF34fJwh0). She was [disappeared](https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/china-woman-dong-yaoqiong-disappears-spraying-ink-xi-jinping-a8455166.html). Her last social media update: *”Right now there are a group of people wearing uniforms outside my door. I’ll go out after I change my clothes. I did not commit a crime. The people and groups that hurt me are the ones who are guilty”*. Later on there was report of her being [sent to a psychiatric hospital](https://www.hongkongfp.com/2018/07/23/chinese-protester-splashed-ink-xi-jinping-poster-sent-psychiatric-hospital-report/)

    * After the ink-splash woman’s disappearance her father made a series of broadcast to call attention to her plight. He ended up getting [taken away by the police in the middle of a live stream](https://www.hongkongfp.com/2018/07/14/police-interrupt-youtube-live-stream-father-missing-chinese-woman-splashed-ink-xi-jinping-photo/)

    * 5 people associated with a Hong Kong bookstore that sold titles such as “*Xi Jinping and His Six Women*” were [disappeared](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Causeway_Bay_Books_disappearances). Only one managed to escape back to HK. He held a press briefing to tell the world about his kidnapping by China. He’s now in exile in Taiwan. The other 4 are still somewhere in China.

    And, of course

    * [1.5 million](https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-xinjiang-rights/15-million-muslims-could-be-detained-in-chinas-xinjiang-academic-idUSKCN1QU2MQ) Uyghurs rounded up in concentration camps

    * Genocide through [forced abortions](https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/china-uighur-muslim-women-abortions-sexual-abuse-genocide-a9144721.html) on Uyghur women

    * [Sexual torture](https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/china-uighur-muslim-women-abortions-sexual-abuse-genocide-a9144721.html) of Uyghur women such as rape & rubbing intimate parts with chili paste.

    * [Leaked footage](https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/d722aw/chinas_detention_of_uighurs_video_of_blindfolded/) of a large number of blindfolded Uyghurs shackled together

    * A Canadian journalist [wanted to debunk reports of Chinese anti-Muslim repression so he went on a stage-managed show tour put on by China](https://nationalpost.com/news/canadian-went-to-china-to-debunk-reports-of-anti-muslim-repression-but-was-shocked-by-treatment-of-uyghurs). That means he only saw a fake Potemkin village that China actually thought was acceptable by Western standard. But the brutality of even this fake Potemkin village stunned him. Now imagine what’s really happening in the real concentration camps where millions of Uyghurs are being held. Imagine how bad the true situation is.

    * Using minorities & political prisoners as [free organ farms](https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/c1my5j/china_is_harvesting_organs_from_detainees_uk/)

    * Call for [retraction of 400 Chinese scientific papers](https://www.theguardian.com/science/2019/feb/06/call-for-retraction-of-400-scientific-papers-amid-fears-organs-came-from-chinese-prisoners) amid fears organs came from Chinese prisoners

    * [15 Chinese studies retracted](https://www.newscientist.com/article/15-15-studies-retracted-due-to-fears-they-used-chinese-prisoners-organs/) due to fears they used Chinese prisoners’ organs

    * [Cultural genocide (and organ harvests, of course)](https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/china-uyghur-muslim-rules-laws-treatment-chinese-human-rights-religion-a8534161.html). A uyghur’s testimony: *”First, children were stopped from learning about the Quran, then from going to mosques. It was followed by bans on ramadan, growing beards, giving Islamic names to your baby, etc. Then our language was attacked – we didn’t get jobs if we didn’t know Mandarin. Our passports were collected, we were told to spy on each other, innocent Uyghur prisoners were killed for organ harvesting”*

    * China is moving beyond Uyghur and cracking down on its model minority Hui Muslim. [‘Afraid We Will Become The Next Xinjiang’: China’s Hui Muslims Face Crackdown](https://www.npr.org/2019/09/26/763356996/afraid-we-will-become-the-next-xinjiang-chinas-hui-muslims-face-crackdown): *”The same restrictions that preceded the Xinjiang crackdown on Uighur Muslims are now appearing in Hui-dominated regions. Hui mosques have been forcibly renovated or shuttered, schools demolished, and religious community leaders imprisoned. Hui who have traveled internationally are increasingly detained or sent to reeducation facilities in Xinjiang.”*

  13. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7553127/Even-death-Uighurs-feel-long-reach-Chinese-state.html) reduced by 96%. (I’m a bot)
    > In just two years, dozens of cemeteries have been destroyed in the northwest region, according to an AFP investigation with satellite imagery analysts Earthrise Alliance.

    > Satellite images taken on April 24 in 2018 and September 30 in 2019 show the Sulanim cemetery in Hotan, north-western China's Xinjiang Province, has been knocked down and replaced with a car park.

    > Beijing has destroyed dozens of Muslim burial grounds in the past two years in what activists call a bid to erase Uighurs' identity, an investigation has shown.

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  14. ok when do we just say this is basically the holocaust 2.0 because this is eerily close

  15. Where are all those Sunni and Shiite Muslims taking up a Holy War for travesty on their Muslim brothers? So-called fredom fighters such as ISIS, Al-Queda, Taiban are all full of shit.

  16. China are the Nazis of this century, we as a free world vowed to never let that happen again. We are letting it happen again and need to stop it. Call out companies that are supporting them by censor or any other means.

  17. Blizzard Entertainment approves

  18. these sick fucks. This is what ur supporting Blizzard!

  19. This is some next level evil.

  20. Has the west learned nothing from how we have treated Native Americans, First Nation people, Aborigines, Maori etc.? We are sitting back and watching a genocide because of trade. Anyone who thinks the worlds’ governments care about ordinary people should look at this and think again because they care about us just as much as they care about the Uyghar.



  22. The Chinese government is committing genocide as blatantly as the Nazis did. Are we so naive to believe the next step will not be extermination of these ethnic groups? The Nazis also didn’t start with extermination camps right off the bat. Chinese people are blinded by the same nationalism that the Germans were and the rest of the world is sitting idly by watching this happen. So much for not allowing history to repeat itself

  23. Soviets did the same thing in Latvia. My grandmother talked about it. In the tiny town where she lived, Preiļi, when the soviets invaded, they drove their tanks over the graveyards to crush the tombstones as just one among many methods of erasing Latvians’ (and Latgalians’, as my grandmother was) historical memory.

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