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Scientists successfully cure diabetes in mice for the first time, giving hope to millions worldwide

Scientists successfully cure diabetes in mice for the first time, giving hope to millions worldwide

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  1. I never realized there were so many diabetic mice.

  2. Reminder: 90% of animal tests don’t work on humans.

    EDIT: This is not to discourage anyone, because without animal testing we’d have to test on humans and a lot less life-saving science would be done as a result.
    Heck, I’d like diabetes to be cured, because I was just diagnosed with it last week.

  3. Diabetes researcher here. We’ve cured diabetes in mice a million times. Come to my (or many other) labs and you’ll see us doing it every day. This paper isn’t interesting because they cured mice. It’s interesting because of how they manipulated the cells before implanting them in mice, and for what that might mean for future studies.

  4. This is a load of bullshit. I’ve been a diabetic for 30 years and have heard of a miracle cure on a steady basis and seen nothing but rising costs and more expensive equipment.

  5. This is absolutely not the first time this has been done. It has been achieved multiple times in several labs since 2014. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/25211370/

    The problems with this technology is safety and scaleability, which the referenced research does little to advance.

  6. A decade of skyrocketing insulin prices …….. *^(this is the foreshadowing)*

    *Scientists cure diabetes in mice for first time*

  7. I wish I had a dollar for every ‘miracle cure, cancer eradicated’ post I saw on Reddit.

  8. Been type 1 since ‘99. I was wondering when this years cure would be announced.

  9. headline is garbage.

    > It’s still far to early to tell whether this means a cure for diabetes is on the horizon. But it’s certainly encouraging to see that some mammals can be cured of the disease, even **momentarily**.

    so it’s not even permanent. plus we can’t go injecting human-cells into humans and have these same results. seems like more of an experiment than a cure.

  10. Giving hope to make billions worldwide*

  11. There’s already hope for (type 2) diabetes: diet and exercise.

  12. “Hope” huh? I bet “hope” is deliberately AS EXPENSIVE AS POSSIBLE plus a few more bucks. Good fucking luck.

  13. >Giving hope to millionaires worldwide.


  14. Hurry Up with the cure. Be the generation that CURED such a life debilitating disease!


  15. Can the pharma industry make money off this?

    It will never see the light of day.

  16. big pharma will bury that shit so fast lol

  17. Didn’t read but – how does one cure insulin resistance? Isn’t not eating sugar the way to get your body back to functioning again?

    Assuming this is potentially promising news for type 1.

  18. my aunt died of diabetis. she had a shortage of insulin, fell and hit her head and died before help could get to her. allah yerhamha wa yej’al mathwaha al-jannah.

  19. Of course I’m happy for this .
    But oh boy, this is gonna be another excuse for people not to follow a healthy lifestyle.

  20. I read the title as: giving millionaires hope worldwide

  21. Sigh.

    1) As a type 1 diabetic, i have read this story pretty much every week for the past 10 years. Until humans try and are cured by this process, it means nothing.

    2) The big pharma companies will not allow a cure to be developped. This has been proven. They will shut down and limit and stop any and all attempts because otherwise they will lose billions. They are directly hostile to human life because of greed, yet our governments allow them to trade life for profit.

  22. This article is terrible. It doesn’t even distinguish which type of diabetes they are talking about. Hint for the uneducated: they are not at all the same disease. They just share symptoms.

  23. What type you silent, obtuse fucks?

  24. Specifically, Type 2 diabetes – so this is wonderful news! Soon people can continue eating the hyper processed foods produced by the mega food and chemical companies and then just buy a silver health insurance plan which, after the deductible, will cover a portion of this drug from the mega pharmaceutical companies and then they will have a semblance of health!

    Is the /s really necessary here? Funny how this is news now that we know that type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome can be cured with a combination of nutritional ketosis and intermittent fasting.

    Edit: first word.

  25. Below is the article published in Nature Biotechnology


  26. Giving hope to hundreds of people who can afford it everywhere

  27. Scientists are all hopeful they will become millionaires in the process of having their bosses become billionaires. There’s almost no point in discovering anything any more if it takes your wage slavery to get the access that is implied. Intellectual property is on the exact opposite of the spectrum to benefit to the masses.

  28. > So far the disease, which is thought to affect over 400 million people worldwide, is understood to be incurable.

    No, that’s type 2. (90% of diabetes) which is completely preventable and reversable.

    > and when we gave the mice the insulin-secreting cells

    This is type 1 diabetes where insuling is not produced (rather than insulin resistance).

    This is good, but the title and article are both misleading as there are not 440 million people worldwide with this type 1

    > Type 1 diabetes makes up an estimated 5–10% of all diabetes cases[8] or 11–22 million worldwide.

    This categorically doesn’t mean you can eat Pizza consequence free now, that’s not how type 1 diabetes works, the one that this cure may or may not work for

  29. I’m assuming this is type 1 diabetes. The article didn’t specify

  30. /* giving hope to the wealthy while forsaking the poor

    Ftfy because this is how it’s going to go. If they even let us have it at all — a lifetime of insulin makes a lot of people a lot of money per victim, after all.

  31. Please don’t fizzle out to something I never heard of again

  32. CJ: Oh shit, there we go again

  33. Not the 1st time, just the 1st time published instead of sold to pharma.
    – why I left life sciences.

  34. Big pharma won’t let this happen

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