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Scotland’s chief medical officer resigns after breaking her own lockdown rules to visit her second home

Scotland’s chief medical officer resigns after breaking her own lockdown rules to visit her second home

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  1. Wasn’t there ” only applies to poor people” in small print under the rules? Rookie mistake.

  2. People say they don’t understand why it’s such a big deal. The big deal is that if she is seen breaking the rules that have been clearly set out (by her) then the general public can easily just say “well why do we have to follow these fucking rules if she doesn’t?”. Mayhem ensues.

  3. Rules for thee, but not for me

  4. Do as I say, not as I do.

  5. It is been report she is stepping down to focus on her family and to do more traveling.

  6. Meanwhile check out what the Health Minister in Alberta, Canada has been up to.

    Tyler Shandro

    Has conflict of interest due to him and his wife running a private Healthcare entity and are now profiting off this pandemic.

    He used private info to go to doctors houses to intimidate them about speaking out against him.

    Refuses to step down. Govt doing jack shit about it.

  7. I don’t even own a first home and even I can stick to lockdown rules.

  8. *imagine having two homes*

  9. When NHS staff are dying, in tears begging people to think about what they are doing, walking away shaking their heads from queues at stores because people are being stupid, not eating, not getting basic essentials like PPE that they should have had months ago while they suffer so pricks like me get to live another day because of them – probably a good idea to stay at home unless it’s utterly essential.
    Short of Boris licking stamps for every UK household letter – this is up there as one of the most retarded things the chief medical officer could have done.
    She was also cautioned by police- fucking big oops in the career hole

  10. Should just step back and work in the background.

  11. Another entitled cunt.

    Interestingly, she made at least two trips to her other home, and a newspaper photographed her… so I’m not even sure that she has enough principles to resign for her hypocrisy.
    She literally only quit b/c she got caught.

  12. If Trump had that conscience he would have resigned on day one of his presidency.

  13. as an american, seeing all these politicians from other nations resigning for dumb shit makes me confused…

  14. Who the fuck wants to be in charge right now anyway. She probably did it to get fired!

  15. Wait, a politician resigned because they… Hang on, let me read this again… *because they broke a guideline*?

    That doesn’t compute. Politicians are supposed to be immune from leading by example.

  16. Just to highlight Prince Charles traveled from London to Balmoral after showing symptoms and nothing happened to him.
    There are apparently members of the house of lords who traveled up a week ago and nothing has happened to them.

    She should have known better but she is being given a rougher ride than others that have done worse.

  17. That seems like an easy out for being responsible during an actual heath crisis. “Uh ohhh, you caught me…guess The weight of responsibility shouldn’t be on me, someone so reckless, right?”

  18. May I ask why exactly what she did was wrong, like do they actually have rules there where you have to literally stay in your house? Because if it was just them getting in their car, driving, and then going into their house, aren’t they avoiding contact with everyone?

    I’m just curious/confused because people where I live are still allowed to go for drives and go out to the store once a week. And certainly check on or visit their own properties. It’s moreso about avoiding contaminating public spaces.

  19. If you live by cancel culture, you die by cancel culture.

  20. Can we get some consequences now for Prince Charles, developing the symptoms of COVID-19 in Gloucester, who then decided to travel up to his mansion in Scotland despite pleas from people in the Highlands for people not to migrate there, as medical aid is notoriously sparse in these areas?

  21. If this happened in the U.S. then she would have unfortunately kept her job… It is nice to see that there are still laws and that people care about these laws in at least some countries.

  22. What’s going on in the UK?

    Queen speech

    Boris Johnson now in the hospital

    Scotland’s medical chief resigns

    Ireland’s PM using his medical background to help.

  23. Controversial Opinion: After all of this is done can we tax second homes properly, they have caused nothing but trouble during this crisis, have lowered our capacity to deal with a crisis and outside of the crisis create other issues.

  24. She noped the fuck on out of there.

  25. You have to understand that class warfare is still a very real thing in the uk.

  26. Should have been done sooner. Different rulebook for the wealthy and those with a degree of power!

    Maybe she will let key workers showing symptoms self isolate in her holiday home.

  27. This is so fucking dumb.

    Say sorry and get back to work.
    there’s still a pandemic going around, and I’m sure Scotland needs their CHEIF MEDICAL OFFICER

  28. Of course she did, I doubt she gave two hoots either!

  29. If it’s bad to hope what I’m hoping. I don’t care. Fuck her

  30. just like when any green party leader gets any sort of money they start doing the same kind of environmentally damaging they lambasted other leaders for.

    we have seen it a ton in sweden. green leaders taking there boat to finland to get boat paint that is banned in sweden but allowed there and there defense is “i am just one person” or using low tax fuel for there boat which is outright illegal.

    whenever a politician says anything they mean to say “you guys must do this it dosen’t apply to me”

  31. As an American, it’s impressive that there were repercussions to a bad decision, particularly if it was self-aware.

  32. nice of them to let her resign. Privileged fuck

  33. This pandemic is really showing which “leaders” are unfit to lead.

  34. If they just jumped in the car and drove from point A to point B, where’s the problem? The point of the lockdown is to prevent people from congregating and spreading it among themselves. If you’re going for a drive, it’s hardly any more dangerous than going for a shower.

  35. It’s surprising to me that the lockdown rules are that strict in Scotland. This would not have been an issue in every country.

  36. I wonder if US surgeon general should resign for saying masks are not helpful and now reversing that position.

  37. So basically, “I got caught exercising my privilege so only now will I be accountable for defying all medical recommendations to preserve my career”

  38. I get setting a precedent, but there’s a certain point where you really need the best person for the job regardless of the optics. Like suicide squad. Removing a chief medical officer in the middle of a pandemic strikes me as unwise.

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