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Secret dialogue and calls for vaccination … Corona kills Palestinian prisoners

A state of anxiety, fear and even panic, which is almost the common denominator between the majority of Palestinian prisoners and their families these days in general, and among the families of the two prisoners Khaled Ghazan (59 years) from Ramallah, and the captive Al-Maqdisy Ayman Al-Sidr (54 years), in particular after they were infected with the Corona virus and arrived For a dangerous stage.

The cases of the two captives, Ghezan and Sidr, rang the bell of the prisoners ’suffering, especially in the Israeli” Raymond “prison more than two weeks ago, after they were simultaneously transferred to Soroka Hospital in the city of Beersheba, inside Israel, after a serious deterioration in their health status due to the virus.

Two weeks ago, the young Muhammad al-Sidr, son of the prisoner Ayman, heard about the situation in Raymond prison, and the spread of the Corona virus inside it, and he kept patient himself and his mother with the horror of the scene and the suffering of the prisoners with a phone call made by his father from his prison, and reassured them of his health even two days ago, when they received news that his father had been infected HIV positive, and his health deteriorated.

For a while, Muhammad (26 years) and his family believed that his father had survived the virus after his comrades inside the room were infected with it, and transferred them to the isolation section of the injured inside the same prison.

He added that the specialist doctor who brought him to see his father and the symptoms that gradually appeared on him, especially the high temperature, head and joint pain, confirmed his infection with the virus, and therefore he was transferred yesterday morning to the Israeli Soroka Hospital.

Hide and prevent communication

Faced with all this, according to Muhammad, who is the only son of the prisoner Ayman, the family did not receive any contact from the prison administration or the hospital stating the latest developments in his health condition, and that they knew the news of his transfer to the hospital and the seriousness of his condition and then “its stability later” through bodies concerned with the affairs of prisoners, “and we Until this moment, they are unable to visit him or find his news. “

Al-Sidr is sentenced to life imprisonment and an additional 45 years, and what he has spent so far is 26 years, and his last visit was a little over a month ago after long months of prevention and invoking the Coronavirus.

Like the prisoner Al-Sidr, his friend Khaled Ghazan (59 years) was also transferred to Soroka Hospital, after his health condition suddenly deteriorated and he had a sudden and significant lack of oxygen, due to his infection with the Corona virus.

The Raymond prison administration did not pay any attention to the condition of the prisoner, Ghezan, who was sentenced to life imprisonment, despite all the evidence of an outbreak of the disease there, and – as his son Tariq Ghazan told Al-Jazeera Net – symptoms of the disease ravaged his father one by one, starting with severe coughing and high fever accompanied by severe headache And the body laziness and ataxia.

The occupation authorities did not complete the treatment of the prisoner, Ghezan, inside the hospital, and kept him only 6 hours, as they returned him to Section 8, which is devoted to isolating prisoners with corona in Raymond prison.

Tariq, who had not visited his sentenced father since his last arrest in 2014, continues that his condition relapsed again after his return to prison, and under great pressure, the occupation provided him with an “oxygen tube” inside the department.

Like the Ghezan and Sidr families, the families of about 5 thousand Palestinian prisoners live in real terror after the outbreak of the virus and the infection of more than 335 of them with it, especially in Raymond prison, which is witnessing “catastrophic conditions,” according to the description of the Palestinian Prisoners Club, which is a civil institution that deals with prisoners’ affairs.

in one day

And the latest club statistics, according to what Amani Sarajana, the club’s media official, reported to Al-Jazeera Net, indicating that 38 prisoners were infected with the virus in Raymond Prison yesterday, Wednesday, only, bringing the number of infections there to 111.

Sarina indicated that the transfer of prisoners from that prison to the hospital is taking place frequently, especially in Section 4, and that the most dangerous of them was on Tuesday and Wednesday for the two captives, Al-Sidr and Gedan.

She warned of the transmission of the virus to the rest of the departments, in which there are 650 prisoners, including those with high sentences, sick prisoners, and the elderly. She pointed out that the prison administration’s procrastination in taking samples and announcing its results hastened the transmission of infection, in addition to the “monopoly” of the administration Prisons have a narrative about the epidemic, whether in terms of test results or sampling, and their refusal to allow any medical or human rights committees to view the conditions of prisoners, especially those who are sick.

It expressed its fear that the number of injuries would exceed the declared figures, and the increased risk to the lives of the prisoners. As a result of the lack of knowledge of their health conditions, the occupation “has not provided the minimum preventive measures since the beginning of the spread of the virus.”

Moreover, Israel arrests dozens of Palestinians daily, and holds them in very poor conditions without tests, in addition to “overcrowding” in prisons, which are described as an environment and “a catalyst for the spread of infection.”

International delegation

Faced with this, prisoners’ institutions and the Palestinian Ministry of Health collapsed through a press conference held yesterday, Wednesday, in Ramallah. To ask the international community and the World Health Organization to send an international medical delegation, to save the lives of the sick prisoners, release them, and supervise those infected with Corona.

The conference accused the International Committee of the Red Cross of “negligence”, and called on it to play a real role, follow up on prisoners infected with the virus, and gather sufficient information about them. “As it is the only body authorized to visit them so far.”

In turn, the International Committee of the Red Cross denied this and said that it conducts weekly visits to prisoners as usual through its delegates. But without a direct encounter with them; In order to preserve their safety, especially since the cause of the spread of the virus is unknown, and the reasons for preventing its spread are also unknown.

Yahya Maswada, a spokesman for the Red Cross in the West Bank and Jerusalem, said in a statement to Al-Jazeera Net, “We do not want to speculate that Israel obstructs their work or not?” But the global spread of the virus led them to initially reduce and then stop the visits, according to the request of the Israeli Prisons Authority, and then return to it again, in a legalized manner and in accordance with safety procedures.

In light of the suspension of visits and contacts between the prisoners and their families, the Red Cross proceeded through its “Salamat” program; To reassure the families of their prisoners, and added that they are continuing their “secret dialogue” with the Prisons Authority, to find other ways to enhance communication between prisoners and their families.

A draft welcomed the Israeli Prison Authority’s undertaking, under various pressures, to vaccinate hundreds of prisoners, considering it a “best solution” to limit the spread of the virus among them, and said that they strongly defended this and demanded that Israel receive a vaccine equal to the quality and safety standards that it grants to its residents.

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