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Secret Israeli document reveals plan to keep Arabs off their lands

Secret Israeli document reveals plan to keep Arabs off their lands

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  1. Is there a psychological term for this dismissing ‘not a big deal’ tool that’s usually employed when a ‘big-deal’ event occurs or is reported??

    I have just seen it used over and over again on reddit but can’t concisely define it otherwise.

  2. Nothing secret about such plans

  3. > What sort of documents did Malmab order the directors to hide away in their archives’ safes? The many and varied examples include: thick files kept by the military government under which Israel’s Arab citizens lived for 18 years; testimony about the looting and destruction of Arab villages during the Independence War; cabinet ministers’ comments on the Arab refugee situation, following that war; evidence of acts of expulsion and testimony about camps set up for captives; information about Israel’s nuclear project; documents relating to various foreign policy issues; and even a letter sent by the poet and Holocaust survivor Abba Kovner about his own anti-Arab sentiments

    There are so much hidden archives that are only uncovered now. However, even with passage of time, nothing is being done.

  4. Clearly this is completely different than apartheid /s

  5. Hasn’t that plan been in process/implementation for almost 100 years now?

  6. I mean…its not really a secret they’ve been actively doing it for 30 plus years.

  7. Seems like the secret has been out for a while now.

  8. We shouldn’t be surprised by this …
    Systematically they have been doing this for decades..
    Its the western governments who allow the Isreal government to apply their forces on the Palestinian population.

  9. Isnt that kinda the point of Israel?

  10. It’s not a secret when it’s been official policy for decades.

  11. They would be building gas chambers if they could get away with it

  12. Literally a terrorist state conducting state sponsored terrorism.

  13. >>1948: not to enhance security but to ensure Jewish control of the land…

    of course the Arabs literally just perpetrated a war of annihilation on Jewish communities. And so what the Jews were to hand these areas to Arabs to control?

  14. Country literally run by an alliance that includes religious extremists

  15. For context, this was back in the 40s and 50s, when the Jewish-Arab conflict was starting out.

  16. “Hamas is, for now, the only responsible adult in the Israel-Gaza Conflict”

    Opinion piece published in Haaretz.

    Hamas is a terrorist organization.

    [Consensus opinion of the free world](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_positions_on_the_nature_of_Hamas)

  17. No secret lol they have a wall, check points and soldiers. Lol

  18. This is why there can’t be peace in Israel/Palestine. There are Palestinian factions (i.e. Hamas and Islamic Jihad) who refuse to accept Israel’s existence and say they want to force the Jews back to Europe, but lack the military power to do that. Then you have Israel, whose government may talk about 2 state solution and peace or whatever. But their actions clearly show that they want a one state solution with Israel controlling all the land and Palestinians not having any land or citizenship rights.

  19. Probably shouldn’t start wars to “push the Jews into the sea” then.

  20. This secret is about as good as Victoria’s, but without the hot chicks

  21. So in 1948 right after the Holocaust and right before a massive Arab coalition of nations attack meaning to commit another one.

    Wonder why there would want country with just themselves lol

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  23. It wasn’t really a secret…

  24. Is it Jared Kushner’s peace plan?

  25. Like no one know about zionist extremists who wants demolish Dome of the Rock.

  26. As opposed to open plans by Arabs to eradicate Israel and its citizens.

  27. ITT: People from across the political spectrum come together to argue points that they don’t fully understand about a far more complex situation than any of them would care to admit. As a special bonus, the vast majority of those commenting clearly didn’t read the article but speak with great authority.

    What should’ve been ITT: a better understanding of a long lasting conflict has been revealed by an Israeli newspaper leading to civil discussions of how to support peacemakers on both sides. As a special bonus, Westerners would avoid placing their morals and cultural norms and expectations on two political opponents that are not Western.

  28. Nobody disputes that there was ethnic cleansing, and that the Israelis did shitty things to the Muslims back in the 40’s and 50’s. It’s also no secret that the Muslims declared war on the Jews and brought in Israel’s neighbors in an attempt to wipe the Jews out.

    If the Jews lost, it would have been a second holocaust. And a lot of the actions that they took reflect the fact that the government of Israel was on high alert because there was just ANOTHER attempt at genocide against the Jews and that it was miraculous that Israel won with its own Muslim population attacking them and the neighboring states piling on.

    The argument is over what to do about all that now.

    How can Israel make their crimes from the 1940’s and 1950’s right and still get to stay the world’s only Jewish state? If anything, the 1940’s and 1950’s have proved many times over that – regardless how you feel about ethnostates – in order to survive, the Jews need a state that’s an escape route – a safehaven. So what do you do?

    Edit: people downvoting me: 1948 – Israel is a young socialist and unindustrialized country of kibbutzim (small socialist collectivist communes) made up of refugees and the descendants of millenia of continuous resident Jews, colonists who came over starting in the 1800s, and millions of refugees. How would you handle, as an absolutely devastated and recovering population, three states and your literal next door neighbors ganging up to kill you?

  29. Imagine state-sponsored religious bigotry in 2020

  30. Will American government support the native Americans taking land from the immigrant americans?

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