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Self-employed to be paid 80% of profits, up to £2,500 a month, to help them cope with coronavirus crisis, UK says

Self-employed to be paid 80% of profits, up to £2,500 a month, to help them cope with coronavirus crisis, UK says

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  1. When I realised I’m getting help: “Thank god!”

    When I remembered I only declared £12,500 last year: “Ahhh crap.”

  2. Christ you UKers are so lucky in this aspect. Here in US I am waiting on the phone for over an hour just to ask one fucking question about my Unemployment Compensation benefits, every time I reach my time – I get cut off. The bureaucracy is insurmountable here in the US. Just for a pittance of what I earned in wages.

  3. It’s great that we are supporting unemployed and self employed people in the UK.

    The key workers however, not so great. Work is 100 times busier with no extra pay, once this is all over people will forget, and we’ll continue to be underpaid.

  4. But it will be paid out at the start of June. I’m self employed and can’t work because I’m currently under 12 weeks quarantine as I’m considered vulnerable due to previous lung issues. This hasn’t changed anything. How am I supposed to pay my rent and everything?

  5. Must be nice. Im hoping to get a one time payment that’s almost enough to cover 1 month of rent for the next 2+ months.

  6. I’m surprised that people aren’t surprised with the amount of money the Tories are spending on the public. I mean a Conservative party doing so much for the public, such as: wages paid, can’t be evicted, grants, making it so supermarket chains can work together for stocks and not compete etc. It’s phenomenal to me. I expected the government to just abandon everyone and save themselves to an extent. Yes, I know that by doing this, it’ll save the economy in the long run but it’s still nice.

  7. I’m holding my breath because this might be the first time ever – as an working adult – that I’ve got anything extra off the govt.

    There was that time when my wife and I got a nice amount of tax credits…but then we got a really fun illustration job, and the tax man asked for it all back. We basically did the job for free.

  8. Only if your in an industry that currently qualifies. I work in a property management company running building maintenance teams and at the moment we are classed as essential services so we are all still at work full time as we won’t be paid otherwise.

  9. Constantly saying it’s fair doesn’t make it fair , especially when we have to wait till fucking JUNE. Bet the cunt still gets his wages over parliaments Easter break.

  10. It a good headline but a bad policy. A lot of people are left out, it’s administratively complex so will probably be half-broken and it’ll be June at the earliest before it’s ready. Just send everyone a lump sum to start with so nobody is in financial trouble and then worry about cockamamie schemes.

  11. Meanwhile Trump announces that Americans are to pay the government 80% of what they were making monthly to cover his trips to Mar A Lago.

  12. profits are determined as what’s left over after the management gets paid their normal salary.

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