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Selfie upside down … a new option for photography enthusiasts in Turkey

The passion of photography and selfie lovers does not stop at creating and trying everything new, and one of the latest trends in this field in Turkey is “Selfie Upside Down”.

And fans of the new type of photography do not bear much of the cost and effort to obtain unique pictures that they display on their pages and social media accounts, and at the same time these pictures constitute a source of livelihood for this service provider.

new experience

While taking a number of pictures with her mother and selfies in the “Inverted House” in the Satalca district in Istanbul, the Turkish young woman, Sibel Aslan, said, “I saw a distinct photo of my friend that she posted on her Instagram account, and I liked the idea, so I asked her about the place and she guided me to it.

She added to Al-Jazeera Net that the trick is simple, as you take the photo and flip it over any photo editor in your phone or computer, to look as if you are hanging from the ceiling and the rest of the things around you on the floor.

In turn, Mohamed Klitsch, who was accompanied by his family in the same place, said that they came to the inverted house in anticipation of a new experience, and for the children to enjoy watching this unique model and taking pictures that they love in it.

He pointed out that shooting upside down is a new method, so they loved trying it and at the same time spending a day with the family in the large restaurant next door, which also includes activities for children and adults.

The inverted house receives a great number of visitors, even in conditions of Corona (Al-Jazeera)

Promotional purpose

The owner of the “Inverted House” restaurant Levent Dogjo said that the model of the inverted house is part of his establishment and what most attracts customers to his restaurant, in order to see it and experience life upside down and take pictures in it.

Dogjo indicated to Al-Jazeera Net that he resorted to this model to promote his restaurant and attract customers to it, since the area in which it is located is about 60 kilometers away from Istanbul city center, so it was necessary to do something unique and attractive to them.

He pointed out that the entry ticket to the inverted house is a symbolic one that does not exceed 10 liras per person (about a dollar and a quarter), and it is for children free of charge, in order to attract the largest number of customers to his restaurant.

He explained that when the inverted house was built 3 years ago, the idea was new, but today there are about 7 or 8 similar models in various regions of Istanbul, and there are similar models in some tourist cities such as Antalya.

A newly opened upside-down house in the Avcilar area of ​​Istanbul (the island)

Creative idea

For his part, the Turkish engineer, Adnan Darwish, saw that the idea of ​​the inverted house is simple and not very expensive, as the cost of constructing the medium-sized structure does not exceed 50 thousand Turkish liras (about 6500 dollars), so that special external decorations are made so that the building looks upside down, and from the inside it is installed Furniture and other tools in the opposite way to be attached to the ceiling.

Regarding his opinion of the idea from an engineering perspective, Darwish explained to Al Jazeera Net that the idea is creative and still strange, as most of the restaurant designs have become duplicated, and therefore the new model contributes to attracting customers, especially children, photography lovers and fans of posting photos on social networking sites.

The architect noted that the idea of ​​the “inverted house” is gradually expanding, especially in Istanbul, where many examples of it appeared in different neighborhoods of the city and under names such as “the inverted house”, “the inverted world”, “the inverted roof” and others, and it is expanding with the continuation of People like it and attract customers.

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