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Senegal is constructing West Africa’s largest wind farm that will supply 158MW of electricity to 2 million people

Senegal is constructing West Africa’s largest wind farm that will supply 158MW of electricity to 2 million people

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  1. when you’re litteraly senegalese and you didn’t know

  2. Poor Senegal about to have lots of wind cancer

  3. Curious, what’s the average consumption of electricity per person/house?

    Like will the wind farm alone be enough to supply the electricity needs of the 2 million people?

  4. We should build these in Australia. I mean, we just cleared the land ready right?

  5. My man Mane probably funding the project

  6. But they are a development country! They have to repeat all mistakes we made throughout history! They will need oil and coal! There is no way out of climate crisis if everybody wants a share of modern society!

    *… sigh*

  7. I’m surprised this is being funded by the US and not China

  8. “You will suck all the wind outta world! ” Trump probably…

  9. I wish things like this made the frontpage. Despite not doing everything we should, there’s still alot of progress being made towards renewables.

  10. I’m waiting for the obligatory “They should have used nuclear power” post that happens every time someone brings up wind or solar power…

  11. Am i correct in assuming thay this is being paid for with a Chinese loan that Senegal can’t repay hence forcing them into permanent debt to China.

    Edit: Im glad to have been informed the investment is not from China.

  12. All those poor people dying of cancer now. So tragic.
    And the noise! OMG how horrible for them.

  13. well, there goes senegal’s bird population.



  14. 46 wind turbines, hopefully that “largest wind farm” record will be broken by more wind farms if this one is a success

  15. Another example of the fight over Africa via broad scale infrastructure financing.

  16. And dumb people still think Africa is the poor continent

  17. I’m so glad the African countries are doing things for “green” power. Good for them

  18. But think about all the cancer!

  19. Was so dusty a few days ago too

  20. LMK when they get to 1.21 gigawatts.

  21. Think of the birds!!! /s

  22. Some guy told me that will cause cancer. /s

  23. I guess they don’t have to worry about property values or cancer in shi*thole countries.

    (Please note, this is sarcasm!)

  24. On the US’ dime. Why are we building wind farms in Africa instead of for our own people?

  25. Question: what are the power requirements of the country?

  26. Sadio Mane is probably paying for it.

  27. They make it sound like the 300,000 tons of offset carbon emissions is somehow going to put any sort of dent into affecting climate change.

    Try 3,066 Gigatons. (3,066,000,000,000 tons).
    Only 99.999990215% of the carbon to go!

    Wishful thinking unfortunately.

    Hopefully having more countries investing into renewables will make innovations come faster and drive cost down though.


  28. That’s a lot of arcade cabinets, jukeboxes and electrolyzers.

  29. Excellent Im glad my cousins doing this without Chinese interference!!! They can do it all they don’t need no more outside help!!!

  30. gonna be the world biggest bird graveyard according to trump

  31. I know one guy who would hate this.

  32. Thats not bad. Our biggest – close to where I live generates 660 MW – enough to power 600,000 homes in the UK.Can’t work out the maths.

  33. I’m more surprised that the Chinese aren’t involved in funding this.

  34. Glad to hear western powers are financing this!

  35. Think of all the people that will get cancer from that… /s

  36. Better bomb them they aren’t using oil or coal must be terrorists.

  37. Why isn’t America doing this? Besides the fact it messes up golf courses and uses all our wind?

  38. I though solar energy would be cheaper there.

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