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She refused to answer the questions of abortion and perversion … the American judge Barrett pledges to separate beliefs from the judiciary

Amy Connie Barrett, a religious judge and candidate for the Supreme Court, said Tuesday that she will separate her own religious beliefs from any court rulings, at the second hearing in the US Senate, amid a sharp disagreement between Republicans and Democrats over her nomination.

Barrett refused to specifically answer questions related to abortion, noting that it is not appropriate for the candidate to clarify in advance how the cases before the court will be decided.

She emphasized that her decision to have a large multi-ethnic family, and to make faith an essential part of their lives, was a special option, and told the Senate Judiciary Committee, “I am committed to the rule of law.”

US President Donald Trump has nominated Judge Barrett to fill the vacant position on the Supreme Court, who enjoys great support in traditional Christian circles that share her values, starting with her declared opposition to abortion and adherence to the concept of marriage as a bond “between a man and a woman,” according to a letter to the Pope in 2015.

Barrett refrained from commenting on the rights of homosexuals, and after urging her to explain how her provisions would be about their rights, she refused to give a clear answer, avoiding questions about gay marriage, while pledging not to discriminate in the rulings.

“I never discriminated on the basis of sexual preference,” said Barrett, referring to racial discrimination, calling them “repugnant.”

Earlier today, the Senate Judiciary Committee began directing questions to Barrett, a process that began yesterday and lasts for two days, and during that process lawmakers pose questions to the candidate judge.

The first hearing in the Senate yesterday witnessed a sharp rift between Republicans and Democrats.

After being asked a large number of questions after the first day devoted to public statements, Judge Barrett admitted that she had a gun and adhered to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

On September 26, the Republican president chose the 48-year-old conservative judge to succeed the progressive judge, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the icon of the liberal wing of the court, eight days after her death from cancer.

Democrats – who do not have enough votes to block its confirmation – denounced an “irresponsible” hearing in the midst of the outbreak of the new Corona virus, in addition to the fact that 3 Republican members of the House had positive test results early this month.

They also accused Trump and the Republicans of contemptuous voters, many of whom were elected by mail, and denounced the “irregular” fixing mechanism due to its proximity to the election date.

If Judge Barrett is actually appointed, the Supreme Court will include 6 conservative judges out of 9, a solid majority that could preserve Trump’s influence over the United States even after his presidency ends.

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