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She waited for 18 years outside prison … Jinan is giving a bride to her captive husband

Finally, the bridegroom was married to his bride, and the tears rolled with joy and met face to face, as for the hearts they have been connected for 18 years and have been marked by vows that the lovers made together, and they trusted them with a sacred bond that they would remain on forever as a couple together, even if the absence lasted all these years.

Only 3 months before his arrest in 2002, the Palestinian revolutionary Abdel Karim Mukhader, then, and the captive afterward, wanted to culminate his struggle in marriage in search of stability and tranquility with a loved one who would have a refuge if he became too tired to live as a pursuer of the Israeli occupation, and his spirit is dependent on the guns of his soldiers who have been besieging his village Amoriya near the city of Nablus in the northern West Bank and they invade it to capture or kill him.

The groom Abdul Karim after 18 years of captivity in the Israeli occupation prisons (Al-Jazeera)

Only 3 months is the entire period that the released prisoner Abdul Karim Khader (49 years) sat with his fiancée Jinan Samara, before he was arrested at an Israeli checkpoint by the occupation soldiers, after which a life of another kind that Jinan had not experienced before and refused to surrender to her begins At the same time, prison life needs patience and determination that only the Palestinian and the Palestinian know.

Motivated by patriotism, love and belonging, Jinan decided to remain on the covenant, and to keep the cord of affection connected for all these years, thus reaping the longest period of “engagement” between two people who did not know precisely who was the captive of the other, and culminated in a marriage whose ceremony began from the moment he was released from the occupation prisons Last Sunday, when I received him and all those loving him and her from their families and the media also at the Israeli Jalma checkpoint in the northern West Bank.

Mutual fulfillment

With a bouquet of flowers that she carried to him in a hurry, a cell phone, and a new hour as a symbolic gift, Jinan welcomed her fiancé, and played all the words of longing and sadness mixed with joy on the beat of the meeting, and they were carried before him on the shoulders and their hands intertwined for minutes before they moved together to the village of “Silat al-Dhahr” near the checkpoint. The reception is at the house of Abdul-Karim’s friend – the prisoner Muhammad Abu Khader – as he recommended and arranged for this with his family from inside his prison, so that the families are accompanied by a document that cannot be dismantled.

On the second day of the release, Janan returned this time, accompanied by her captive husband Abdul Karim, working as a beehive in preparing the rites of marriage, whether in her village in Burqin near the city of Salfit or in his village Amuriyah, especially since they decided that the marriage would take place immediately after the release, so the house is ready and so are the party invitations And other arrangements by which friends and family work in full swing, as everyone is looking for an hour of joy that dispels the sadness and pain of empty years.

Al-Jazeera Net cut off from the two betrothes some of their tight time, while they were adjusting their official papers in civil affairs in Nablus and fulfilling their needs. We were kind to them in their vehicle from one place to another to ask them about the secret of patience and endurance throughout these years. Janan answered without hesitation that it is “patriotism and true affiliation before Love, “so her association with revolutionaries who knew its consequences and realized them” either martyrdom or arrest. “As for Abdul Karim, Janan’s loyalty to him by marriage directly and without waiting even for a week.

Spouses Abdel Karim and Jinan buy his wedding suit from a store in Nablus (Al Jazeera)


From the beginning, Jinan formed a link between those who were absent from the bars and the prison’s cells and Amoriya, the quiet village in Ras al-Jabal, which inhabited Abdul Karim’s spirit and sentiments. She provided him with all the pictures and videos he asked for from her, “We were secretly entering the prison” and any developments in it. Her fiancé’s eye was on his family His mother, exhausted by illness years after his arrest, died while recommending a wedding gift to “Jojo” as she called for Jinan, “a golden lira”, and immediately he fulfilled that to her.

She also preserved her friendship with him as a prisoner, so she kept his messages and gifts to her, including that red package embroidered in the colors of the Palestinian heritage, in which she puts the gold jewelry and jewelry that he will wear for her at the time of the wedding, and with the prisoners and their families, she has maintained a solid relationship with them by contacting them and checking on them and visiting them in their homes, and after the release she is ensured By inviting them and their relatives to the wedding, especially those whose numbers were written on the inside of his trouser pocket prior to his release.

The newlyweds Abdul Karim and Jinan waited for the longest sermon between prisoner and his fiancée (Al-Jazeera)

In the occupation prisons, dozens of prisoners who are linked to their other half are outside the bars, and Abdel Karim is the third marriage between prisoners this year, but it is the first in which the waiting period lasts for years.

But there is nothing wrong, “after the darkness of the prison there is nothing but relief.” The two preachers said, while Janan was choosing his wedding suit, she knew the size of his clothes, and they added that they are today living the most beautiful moments of life in an atmosphere of joy in which everyone from the family and the companions of the path and the media have always covered The story of Jinan and Abdul Karim.

She waited for her fiancé for 18 years in the prisons of the occupation, and today the liberated prisoner Abdul Karim Mukhader comes out. These are the stories that must be told to the people. Without this, there is a normalization with pettiness and followed by a normalization with the occupation. # The people of the Jabarin despite the kid # Al-Muttain

Posted by Ansar al-Shaabi in Raqab on Sunday, 27 September 2020

Messages and hope

And there in Broqin, where the beloved is home, the novel was completed in “The Bride’s Day”, as if it was one of the stories of a thousand and one nights, where Abdul Karim drove a motorcade of vehicles to take his bride as traditions followed and accompanied his wife with his right hand, and to his left waved thanking her family and saying, as is customary, “he will leave you.” Thankfully, to respond to him, “and she is now your trust, so keep it.” As for Jinan, she was shedding tears, rejoicing at the beloved, and saddened by the separation of the family who loved her and knew her patience and composure.

The wedding ceremony was held in the Amouriyah School, whose open yard was transformed into a semi-closed hall, thanks to the joint efforts made by the family and loved ones in the village, who each performed their role and duty. Some of them hosted the “groom’s bathroom” and others decorated the hall with a huge Palestinian flag, as well as the pictures of the prisoner that were previously hung with joy. His freedom.

The wedding of the newlyweds Abdel Karim and Jinan confirms to the occupation that prison is not closed to anyone even if the ruling is prolonged (Al-Jazeera)

Abdul Rahim Mukhader, the brother of the groom Abdul Karim, says that no one can imagine this joy, especially the prisoners who always live on hope and derive their determination from it. Some of them attended the wedding and participated in preparing it and others took the initiative to help from inside their cells, and their message: “We do not lose hope even if we are Detainees. “

On the beat of the songs of heritage and the homeland, loudspeakers rang, and the newlyweds and their families danced with joy in the consummation of the marriage, as if they send hope to the prisoners and those outside the prison, and they assure the occupation that the prison is not closed to anyone even if the sentence is prolonged by a priest.

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