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‘Shocking and disgusting’: Tenants in Canada face rent increases despite coronavirus crisis

‘Shocking and disgusting’: Tenants in Canada face rent increases despite coronavirus crisis

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  1. Ontario gets what Ontario voted for.

  2. Maybe stop selling properties to people who don’t live there.

  3. Thank Doug fuck for removing controlled rent increases on new or newly converted apartments.

    He thinks the free market will sort it out, when in reality most property managers will copy the next property manager. If they can get more they will try to get more.

    Doug is an embarrassment to his party, and to the people he’s supposed to serve.

    Buck a beer!

  4. Is this one of those leopard eating my face things?

  5. Happened in San Diego too. Up by 20%!!

  6. Reminds me of what happened during the Irish Famine.

  7. So landlords are raising rent because they aren’t getting government relief. Some landlords are fearful of not making being able to make mortgage payments on rental properties. Classic example of overleveraged. If you can’t afford tough times as a landlord, you should cut back on the number of properties or find another form of investment. No one is here to bail you out because you didn’t do your homework.

    Are we going to bail out investors for their stock market losses next?

    The rent increase is simply a form of price gouging.

  8. Landlords will still be wondering why they’re disliked years from now

  9. Thankfully that can’t happen in BC since the government here put a moratorium on tent increases and evictions.

  10. This is part of what sucks about living in BC, we get sucked alive by a vacuum cleaner with rent, taxes and quality of life stuff. News said the other day that they were going to give $500 to each of those who are in need of paying rent (aren’t working due to quarantine) plus $2000 for those aren’t on EI. I guess that announcement led to slumlords seeing $$’s and raising rent purposely.

    Oh and aren’t they freezing mortgages too for a while?

  11. Alright lets be serious here. There are three issues at play:

    1. Rent control doesn’t help renters. I understand you don’t like when rent goes up but there are so many studies that have been done on this point that asking for rent control to help renters is like Trump arguing for clean coal technology to help global warming.
    2. Ontario and many other jurisdictions have rules in place about rent increases (for older properties) being tied to inflation and if you are late with your notice, or skip a year, you lose the ability to adjust for that inflation permanently. So a lot of landlords are going to be sending out those notices automatically as part of good management practices. So those “tone deaf” small rent increases the article talked about are the effect of the rent control rules people were asking for.
    3. If you rent the current crisis has just handed you more power to negotiate with your landlord than you ever had before. Most renters in Canada are currently unevictable if they just stop paying their rent. There are a huge number of people who just suffered an economic shock and are not going to be able to pay their rent. A huge number of AirBNB properties just entered the rental market. A huge number of people who were planning on moving for work have had those plans cancelled. A huge number of people who wanted to come from overseas just had their ability to enter the country cut off indefinitely. In short landlords are vulnerable. If you want to negotiate a 30% rent reduction with your landlord right now is the time to try. If a landlord is dumb enough to come to you with a big rent increase right now your answer is to negotiate with them. If they are dumb enough to say that they are under-pressure from the virus and other tenants not paying rent then you instantly have ALL the power in that negotiation.

    So really its never been a better time to be a tenant. You just need to negotiate.

  12. I literally got a letter from my landlord today saying,

    “*We would advise staying current with the help of the projected payments which should occur shortly. At some point someone must realize that the cure will kill the patient more quickly than the disease and we will go back to work.*”

    So I guess I should be happy my rent isn’t going UP and just staying the same lo

  13. I’m a landlord in Alberta. With oil prices plummeting and unemployment skyrocketing, I’m absolutely worried about what will happen if my tenants are unable to pay rent. I’ve always charged what was reasonable (and often less) than market value. I’ve never increased rent on a tenant, and have always upkept my places as best as I could. So it’s not like I’m making bank here. It’s basically my retirement investment with decent returns, maybe on par with an average mutual fund.

    So far my tenants haven’t notified me of any job loss or anything, so I think I’m safe for the month, but a lot of my friends are also landlords and are facing exactly what was mentioned at the bottom of the article. Tenant lost job and can’t pay rent, so a few of my friends have gone to the bank to ask for deferrals to help both their tenants and themselves, but no dice. In the long run this could force a lot of foreclosures on rentals, which hurts both the landlord and tenant. But I guess that’s what the banks want?

    Screw these banks, man.

  14. Do tenants somehow think landlords aren’t employed by the business they operate?

  15. Everyone should collectively go on rent strike.

  16. Doug Fuck is why I left Canada. He’s a greasy crook. I’m surprised that Ontario is so conservative or rather conservative and stupid enough to vote for this POS.

  17. Meanwhile here in Berlin my rent was just reduced.

  18. Disgusting?



    Not even remotely.

  19. They should submit this to the local news, and then everyone should move out. Now scumbag landlord has 100% drop in income

  20. cars keep getting more expensive too, and tuition, etc. wtf???

  21. You know, I’ve been getting some rumors of tenants unionizing against landlords…just a thought.

    Edit: tenants not tenets. Bad proofreading

  22. Landlords are such parasites. They build nothing, create nothing, and do nothing except use their access to Capital to generate passive income. If all the landlords disappeared tomorrow we would all realize how useless they really were.

  23. That’s some kinda bullshit, eh

  24. Bay area here. We got a $100 increase if we signed for a year, or $200 increase for month to month. Sent an kindly worded email that basically said dafuq?! They agreed to extend for 6 months at the current rate.

  25. My landlord in VT is doing this on June 1st. He was gonna do a 15% increase to begin with, but he couldn’t find anyone (including us) willing to pay it, so he backed down to 3.5%. Still pretty shitty to be raising rents now, by any amount, as far as I’m concerned.

  26. That painting behind him. I have a very similar one on my wall. I wonder if it’s the same artist

  27. Probably went on r/realestateinvesting to brag about it.

  28. Of course? Lol
    What do people think??

  29. *slaps own face*


    Haha okay time to wake up sleepy-head!

  30. Because they’re getting that $2k/month for the next 4 months.

  31. Capitalism at its finest. I feel like it’s only going to get worse during this crisis.

  32. This should be considered criminal behaviour during a national crisis.

  33. Am I reading this right? The three students are paying 3,300 for rent? Can’t be business majors-you can get a pretty nice 3 bedroom apartment in Ottawa for $1,300. Even if they do have to pay for summer months when not there they would still save money by moving.

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