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Sick travellers say hiding symptoms only way to get home

Sick travellers say hiding symptoms only way to get home

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  1. People would hide their symptoms even if there were separate flights just so they could get on planes faster

  2. These are the people who fuck us.

  3. People like that should not go home. The desire to go home is not a reason to danger everyone, including their families.

  4. And this why we need to stop all travel!

  5. Selfish Assholes Infect Countless Other People For Own Benefit.

  6. Whilst clearly we want to stop people with it spreading it, its very easy for people already at there homes to just say dont come back. quite a different proposition if your abroad and dont know where you might have a place to sleep in the coming days/weeks.

    Perhaps not as black and white as portrayed. Though ofc really they should just have accommodation provided for a period of time if your sick so events like this are less likely.

  7. They should be charged with attempted manslaughter.

  8. How about, and I know this might be crazy but stay with me here, you do not get to fly home if you are infected?

    Just fucking imagine the nerve.

  9. “But, I’m important. *I* need to get where I’m going, why don’t they understand that?”

  10. should fucking be charged anyways

    your making it worse and putting others lives in danger for your own convenience.

  11. >Some Canadians are saying they’re being forced to hide their possible COVID-19 symptoms during screening at airports and border crossings because it’s the only way to get back into the country.

    Is this the entire article or does this site just not work properly on mobile?

  12. Morons gonna moron. Can’t fucking believe there are still flights.

  13. You know in zombie movies when someone gets bitten and hides that from the group? They don’t make it to the end of the movie. Fingers crossed life immitates art.

  14. ” There was a time when I’d Cough to hide a Fart…. Now I Fart to hide a Cough ! “

  15. I am sure this will bode well for everyone. /s

  16. I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t want to be stuck outside my country for this. I would lie, touch as little as possible, get back home, then self isolate. And anyone who isn’t stuck in their position is in no position to judge them negatively

  17. All it takes is ibuprofen.

  18. bastards need to be burned alive

  19. ITT: Reddit shows it’s lack of empathy. What would you do if you were stuck in a foreign country during a pandemic?

  20. He’s not even wearing the mast right, it’s not over his nose.

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