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Slavery not a crime for almost half the countries in the world – study

Slavery not a crime for almost half the countries in the world – study

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  1. This is an absurd study. Apparently there are very few laws in Canada against slavery. But that only addresses specific legislation. Our constitutional framework makes it illegal. But the study’s authors seem to’ve glossed over that part. I have to assume that they took the same lax approach to researching other countries as well.

  2. It’s also not, specifically, illegal to hammer a small spoon up the nostril of your neirbours kid.

  3. Good luck getting someone to work for free without breaking another law.

  4. Because society has consented.

  5. Well that’s good,keep working slaves!

    “Please sir,I want some more”


  6. There is literal video of slaves being sold in a Saudi Arabian market as late as the early 60’s. What a ridiculous study.

  7. Only became illegal to have a slave in the UK in 2012. When slavery was abolished, it was only made illegal to sell a person as a slave, but not to own one

  8. Slavery is not a crime per se, but there are hundreds of other illegal things you’d have to do to in order to enslave someone. In most countries you’d be breaking dozens of labor laws. This is ideological click bait.

  9. Forced marriage/marriage. That’s a pickle…”………It found almost two thirds of countries apparently failed to criminalise any of the main four practices associated with slavery – serfdom, debt bondage, forced marriage, and child trafficking – except in the context of human trafficking…why people are made vulnerable to being tricked and trapped and controlled by another person.”

  10. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.reuters.com/article/us-global-slavery-law-trfn/slavery-not-a-crime-for-almost-half-the-countries-in-the-world-study-idUSKBN20620R) reduced by 78%. (I’m a bot)
    > LONDON – Slavery is not a crime in almost half the countries in the world, a study of global laws said on Wednesday, urging nations to close legal loopholes that allow abusers to escape punishment.

    > Although historic laws that once allowed slavery have been scrapped worldwide, researchers for the database found that many of the 193 U.N. member states have not gone on to explicitly criminalise slavery and other exploitation.

    > There is no criminal law against slavery in 94 countries – almost half of U.N. states – said researchers at Rights Lab, which reviewed the study's findings with the Castan Centre for Human Rights at Monash University in Australia.

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  11. Slavery is allowed in America too. So i guess this study arbitrarily chooses a definition of slavery to focus on?

  12. Well it’s not illegal in the US either. The trick is they fooled you into thinking slavery was required for a civilized society.

  13. Is this news? Like, did almost half of countries make slavery legal this week, and I’m just hearing about it? Sounds more like olds to me.

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