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Solar and wind generation higher than coal in Europe last year

Solar and wind generation higher than coal in Europe last year

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  1. This is particularly significant because this is *total energy produced*, not just capacity (potential energy generation).

    On *average*, over the year:

    * Solar + wind were producing at 65GW
    * Coal produced at 53.5 GW — note that means many of the coal powerplants are sitting mostly idle

    This averaging accounts for day-to-day variations in energy produced from different sources. [Some are saying that coal will be entirely pushed out of the EU due to economic and environmental factors](https://www.forbes.com/sites/energyinnovation/2018/06/11/uneconomic-coal-could-be-squeezed-out-of-european-union-power-markets-by-2030/#bb7587541796).

  2. > Coal-fired generation plunged 24% across the EU in 2019, driving a 12% reduction in the power sector’s CO2 emissions – the biggest decline seen since 1990.

    That’s awesome news. [Carbon emissions in the US fell, too. Only by about 2% though](https://insideclimatenews.org/news/07012020/infographic-united-states-emissions-2019-climate-change-greenhouse-gas-coal-transportation).

  3. Imagine if you told someone in the 1940s that a French/German allied Europe was going to be a beacon of peace and democracy, and probably our last hope to save the world.

  4. And yet corrupt cunts like Trump and Morrison think it’s the future

  5. Good. Principle needs to be applied world wide.

    *India.* cough cough

  6. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.pv-magazine.com/2020/02/07/solar-and-wind-generation-outpaced-coal-in-europe-last-year/) reduced by 74%. (I’m a bot)
    > Solar and wind generated more electricity than coal across Europe last year, according to The European Power Sector in 2019 report published by London-based non-profit group Sandbag and German thinktank Agora Energiewende.

    > Solar arrays and wind farms accounted for 18% of electricity generation across the European Union in 2019, at 569 TWh, while coal-fired capacity fell to just 15%, for 469 TWh, the thinktanks said, noting coal generated twice as much electricity as solar and wind on the continent as recently as five years ago.

    > Around half of the European Union's lost coal capacity has been replaced by solar and wind facilities with gas accounting for the rest, partly because low prices have made gas more competitive than coal.

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  7. Wake up paid politicians, the wind is changing.

  8. Magnetic Energy will produce more…just saying

  9. Just to be clear:

    Europe, which has very little coal reserves, is more into solar and wind than coal.

    In contrast, the US, which has staggering coal reserves, has not backed down on coal so much.

  10. yet our governments are phucking us in the ass with CO2 taxes and shit and telling us we’re going to die!

  11. But they’re still mining coal and shipping it elsewhere. That should be included in the totals.

  12. Is this sustainable or a shell game? So, let’s say a new business broke out with sex dolls, and all those dolls are created by super hot chicks. It takes 3 super hot chicks working full time for a year to create 1 sex doll that lasts a year. Then the sex doll has to be hunted down as its toxic waste. The business is subsidized because breaking into the industry early was a lesson well learned with DVDS and cars.

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