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Some praised him and others criticized him .. Why did Biden use the phrase “God willing” to confront Trump?

The use of the Democratic candidate for the US presidential elections, Joe Biden, as a metaphor for the impossibility of the Republican candidate, US President Donald Trump, disclosing his tax records, sparked a great interaction on social media sites inside and outside the United States, as there were many and varied reactions between supporters and critics of this use For the Arabic phrase.

In the first election debates between Biden, 77, and Trump, 74, which was marked by chaos and the exchange of sarcasm and accusations, Biden said, “When, God willing,” he mocked Trump when answering a question by veteran press director Chris Wallace about the size of the tax money. Trump paid, so the president said he would disclose his tax records, and he paid millions of dollars, and everyone would know about it.

A group of activists on the communication sites justified Joe Biden’s resort to the word “God willing,” a second group saw this as a historical matter, and a third group said that the use of this Arabic word with an Islamic connotation was somewhat offensive.

Some people also asked on the communication sites if Biden really said the word “God willing” or another word close to it, knowing that the word “God willing” has an equivalent in the English language, which is (God willing), meaning that the thing I will do is conditional on the will of the Lord. .

Some American tweeters justified Biden’s use of the Arabic word with an Islamic connotation, as he was using it in a cynical way in the face of his opponent Trump, who had previously refused to reveal his tax returns, and who has wealth estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars.

The “Muslim Girl” account on Twitter re-posted a video for part of the debate in which Biden said the phrase “God willing,” and commented the account by saying, “The word, God willing, is used in a satirical context, to confront people who want to postpone deadlines and decisions.”

“From the second Gulf War until today, a sentence, God willing, entered the English language dictionary to describe the person who did not fulfill his promises,” said Kazem al-Waeli, who identifies himself on Twitter as a former advisor to the international coalition against ISIS.

Media writer Mahdi Hassan tweeted, “Everyone knows where Biden came from this word that he used, and was able to use it well and in a cynical way,” to which a professor of political science at the University of Maryland Shibley Telhami responded in a tweet also by saying, “I heard several times from people working for the American government in the region. The Middle East, and it applies to the behavior of Arab rulers, who respond with the phrase, God willing, when US officials ask them about things they can or cannot do, and they reply with this word so that things will stop at this point.

On the other hand, some believed that Biden’s use of the word “God willing” was somewhat offensive, because the word expresses the firm belief of Muslims that nothing happens without the will of God.

“If you ask me, I would say that Biden’s use of the word, God willing, was somewhat of a colonial and insulting use,” said Tamer Al-Ghobashi, a former correspondent for the “Wall Street Journal” and “The Washington Post” in the Middle East region.

Head of the “Muslims Against Anti-Semitism” organization, Ghanem Nusseibeh, commented that “Biden used the word, God willing, which means no … it will not happen, which shows the depth of his hatred of Arabs and his fear of Muslims.” This man is not suitable for the position, “referring to the presidency of the United States.

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