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Sources for Al-Jazeera Net .. A new movement Al-Kazemi prepares to confront the parties in the Iraqi elections

Al-Jazeera Net – Baghdad

Political life in Iraq is taking a sharp turn, with the confusion of the political parties and parties, who, less than a year ago, were in agreement at least in the press releases, in the midst of the complex regional conditions, the harsh domestic conditions under the burdens of the Corona pandemic, and the controversy of the conditions for holding early legislative elections imposed by the demonstrations. The country has witnessed in recent months.

The current Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi formed the current government, about 5 months ago, to replace the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi, who submitted his resignation as a result of the repercussions of the protests.

Upon assuming the position, political sources talked about the political forces ’stipulation on Al-Kazemi several things, including scheduling the exit of US forces, controlling escaped weapons, preparing for early elections, without his participation in them.

Private sources revealed to Al-Jazeera Net about an expected project by Al-Kazemi to form a political current to run in the early elections, the date of which was set for next June 6.

A previous session of the Iraqi parliament (Al-Jazeera)

A source close to Al-Kazemi says that the rapid events – which have been taking place in the country for a year – require the creation of new political blocs that bear upon themselves the removal of the largest amount of influence of the parties that have dominated power for the past 17 years and that the protests against them.

The source added to Al-Jazeera Net that Al-Kazemi has the legal right to form a political current to run in the next elections, indicating that from this point of view, and to bring about real change that meets the aspiration of Iraqis for a decent life, work is currently underway to form a political current to run in the next elections, and it will be announced within weeks.

He added that the dialogues regarding the new formation are continuing to lay the groundwork, which consists of a group of national professional personalities, indicating that Al-Kazemi aspires to this formation – which will be in the name of the “state movement” or a name close to that – to strip the traditional political forces of their influence and share them within state institutions .

So far, the basic organizational structure consists of 10 personalities, including Raed Juhi, Director of Al-Kazemi’s Office, Media Mashreq Abbas, Journalist Ziyad Al-Ajili, Ahmed Mulla Talal, Spokesman for the Prime Minister, as well as advisors Kazem Al-Sahlani, Hussein Allawi, Hisham Daoud, in addition to some legal figures And active in the demonstrations.

The source explained to Al-Jazeera Net that this group is working on forming a base of 50 active national figures from various governorates, and preparing them as leaders in their regions, in preparation for the next stage.

Mouin Al-Kazemi considered that the prime minister is morally obligated not to enter the upcoming elections (communication sites)

In the footsteps of Al-Abadi
The leader of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Moein Al-Kazemi, confirms that there is an agreement between the political forces and the prime minister, which stipulates that a political party should not be formed to run in the elections, and the latter approved it, and it was passed in Parliament and formed the current government.

And he adds, to Al-Jazeera Net, that the prime minister, who is morally obligated not to enter the upcoming elections, will at best be a bloc inside parliament, as did former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. To that end, we see him making changes in positions to win over the street and demonstrators in the upcoming elections.

The leader of the Al-Fateh Alliance added that the prime minister, despite the political forces ’assertion that he should prepare for the elections and control security, now we see the prestige of the state falling, and the security services are underestimated, and this would further disturb the atmosphere and spread chaos, which raises the ire of the Iraqi masses.

He pointed out that the prime minister, for the sake of his current project, gave some political blocs certain positions to win them in the next stage, and with the presence of some political forces trying to ride the wave of the masses, the integrity factor in the elections will be the faction, and they will not get anything from the street voices.

The Prime Minister had made a series of changes in senior government, security and economic administrative positions, including the Central Bank, the Intelligence Service and the Investment Authority, after which he ordered the formation of a permanent committee to investigate corruption cases, headed by Lieutenant General Ahmed Abu Ragheef, and the Counter-Terrorism Service undertakes the task of implementing judiciary decisions related to the work of the committee .

Al-Tamimi confirmed that the law does not include a condition that no person should be nominated in the elections, including Al-Kazemi (Al-Jazeera)

Party law
Legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi shows that the political parties law in force and the Parliamentary Elections Law No. 45 of 2013 do not include a requirement that no person be nominated in the elections, including the Prime Minister, and whoever wants to object to him is directed to the Federal Court and questioned her accordingly.

Al-Tamimi added, to Al-Jazeera Net, that the constitution also does not prohibit any person from running, except for some conditions that impose on the military to resign from the security establishment, and then to practice political work.

Despite the continuing disagreements over the final form of the early election law, observers expect a significant change in the balance of power from previous years, especially after the demonstrations in the country during the past months, and the hundreds of victims that accompanied them, as well as the effects of the Iranian-American crisis politically and popularly inside the country. Which is being used by Al-Kazemi with a new party and the support of some young political forces, to break the recurrent stereotypes in the Iraqi scene since 2003.

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