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South Korean surgeon who saved the life of a North Korean defector in 2017 is now the victim of workplace abuse and bullying

South Korean surgeon who saved the life of a North Korean defector in 2017 is now the victim of workplace abuse and bullying

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  1. Seriously wtf? Is that hospital run by 8 year olds?

  2. The man swore an oath to first do no harm, what kind of idiots are working with him.

  3. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2020/01/13/Report-South-Korea-surgeon-hailed-hero-subject-to-bullying-abuse/4291578935991/?sl=1) reduced by 71%. (I’m a bot)
    > Jan. 13 – Lee Guk-jong, the South Korean doctor who performed surgery on a North Korean soldier shot multiple times while fleeing across the border in 2017, says he has been the victim of bullying by hospital management.

    > Lee, who is credited with saving the life of former North Korean soldier Oh Chong Song, can be heard in a recording leaked to the press being subject to strong verbal abuse, local television network MBC reported Monday.

    > Lee met with MBC on Monday at the hospital ahead of plans to leave for a two-month South Korean naval training exercises in the Pacific.

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  4. That headline is misleading. What’s happening is that hospital management is putting profits above people by cutting down on helicopter ambulance systems and basically trying to shut it down by stealth, e.g. cutting down staff by half.

    “We’re not a charity” said one of the senior management in a leaked recording. Putting it as simple bullying is misrepresenting the situation.

  5. /u/coupdevent

    > Missed a crucial part:
    Lee has previously pointed out in public his hospital has been misallocating financial resources, including a $1.8 million budget. The doctor, who is considered a national hero in the South, said his hospital lacks helicopters for emergency rescue missions.

    This is retribution for whistleblowing, not hate over saving a North Korean defector.

  6. Says a lot about human nature when saving a life gets you abused and bullied.

  7. JFC so many rednecks here claiming to know it all based off of just the headline

    The phenomenon at hand runs deeper than simple workplace abuse

    To understand the greater issue, you need to know about the Korean medical system.

    The Korean system, which is a heavily subsidized system, has the top cost-to-care ratio. But there’s a catch. The subsidies are more focused on general illness. Which means to get cure for serious conditions like traumas, it still costs a hefty amount. Also subsidies are given to pretty much all hospitals so that patients who paid their due to the national health insurance can get cheap care anywhere.

    But what’s more, the trauma center that Dr.Lee is working at actually loses money everytime they treat someone. It’s so bad that it’s just him and two students under him that are running the place. A place that can have up to 20 doctors are being run by 3 people. The surgeon goes home only like twice a week and has already lost sight in one eye from overworking.

    So how is a care center that loses money when it operates, still operating? Well from the profits made by all the other more profitable sections of the hospital. So of course when the fruits of your labor is spent filling up a bottomless pit rather than to eventually increase spending for your department or ward, of course there is going to be friction.

    And then the system runs deeper. THe government can ‘t just decrease wages of doctors and nurses cuz they are already in a somewhat tight corner.

    Increasing wages of doctors and nurses in public university hospitals and public hospitals don’t work because people don’t like the idea of medical professions being pursued for the sake of profit. Something icky about going in to such a dignified profession for the sake of money.

    So then why not increase subsidies? Well that means more taxes, unless the government cuts spendings elsewhere, and as all politicians know that’s a sure way of losing the next election.

    In short, it’s a complex issue that has manifested as additional ‘attention’ on the one man who became renowned after curing the north korean soldier.

  8. In South Korea, heart surgeon. Number one. Steady hand.

  9. I appreciate S. Korean journalism. They’re not afraid to name names.

  10. Just found out today that one of my old bosses is under investigation for bullying a new kid until he killed himself last year.

  11. > Lee said the slurs were directed at him, possibly for speaking out on the lack of hospital investments in the emergency room system

    So it likely has nothing to do with saving that guy’s life.

    This fucking so-called journalist should be ashamed of herself.

  12. “Just quit and start a pod cast.”
    -Joe Rogan

  13. “haha what a nerd you held up the Hippocratic oath”

  14. well,work place bullying is the norm in South Korea

  15. How do you call someone else a cunt in Korean? He should do that.

  16. Isn’t it too early for a second season of Crash Landing Into You?

  17. Stay strong, unnamed surgeon.

  18. Thanks for permanently fracturing my faith in humanity

  19. How the hell do you bully a surgeon unless they’re in debt beyond their wildest dreams?

  20. >The hospital became the center of international attention after Oh’s defection. Lee at the time told reporters Oh carried an “enormous number” of parasites in his intestines.
    >Oh, who is adjusting to life in the South, has made public appearances on South Korean talk shows. More recently he has been in the news for incidents of drunk driving.

    >Oh was recently arrested after driving while drunk in a “luxury vehicle,” according to South Korea’s Channel A last week.

    feels like this should have been two separate articles.

  21. When you create a work environment where promotions are handed to those who stick around the longest instead of promoting those who have proven they are valuable other people make a game of getting rid of people as a way to get promoted. I cook for a living, my food doesn’t come back, I always get compliments, I show up on time and am never hung over, buckle down and complete my work. Guess who is target number one at work for litterally being kicked straight in the as whole when no one is looking.

  22. Merit by age like Confucius says is wrong, it doesnt work, its a broken cultural artifact.

  23. oink oink
    white piggies die

  24. He did what any good doctor would do, his job.

  25. Harassment from corrupt top management.

  26. Koreans are as corrupt as they are clicky. Just look at where all their previous presidents and their relatives landed in the past. Their leadership and role models are shitty at best.

  27. Yo!
    that is what hero do

  28. I didn’t know they had Trumpers in SoKo. Huh…

  29. A surgeon? Please. At my wife’s hospital they literally run the show. They are very hard to replace. Everyone else? Not so much.

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