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Spanish army finds care home residents ‘dead and abandoned’

Spanish army finds care home residents ‘dead and abandoned’

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  1. As an assisted living worker, this is absolutely horrifying. Yes, the title is somewhat misleading, but what it says to me is that some workers left and they did not have staffing or medical resources to care for the residents, and those who died *had* to be left because they had no choice. We are overwhelmed, and our residents are all healthy.

    I can’t imagine what life is like there right now – what I’ve seen of Italy is very scary – but I cannot, under any circumstances, imagine leaving those people helpless. I can’t imagine my company allowing it. I can’t imagine families not forcing their way in to check on people, and some actually staying to help, if the situation was dire enough. Maybe things are different when it seems like the world is actually ending, but even then, I can’t believe many of my coworkers would just leave. It’s a terrifying thought that, in a few weeks, we may be in the same situation. I only hope, if it comes to that, that we don’t abandon these people who depend on us so much. I can’t even fathom humanity going so low.

  2. Now I know why my grandmother had such fears after the Great Depression.

  3. It’s wrong of me to say this, but I’m glad my grandparents have all died (even though I wish they were still here with us) I’m happy we don’t have to worry about them contracting this disease. I feel so sad for the elderly who can’t see their families or those families who can’t say goodbye to their parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles in person because of the limit or outright ban on gatherings. It’s a weird kind of peace to know they’re gone.

  4. > But when the cause of death is suspected to be linked to coronavirus they are left in their beds until they can be retrieved by properly equipped funeral staff. **In the capital Madrid, which has seen the highest number of cases and deaths, that could take up to 24 hours, officials said.**

    The title is intentionally sensationalist

  5. This happens every crisis.

    In the U.S., it happens during hurricanes.

    [The elderly and disabled were left behind in Hurricane Irma. What will happen next time?](https://www.americamagazine.org/politics-society/2018/01/03/elderly-and-disabled-were-left-behind-hurricane-irma-what-will-happen)

    [Report: Assisted living residents left in peril as Hurricane Harvey hit](https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Report-Assisted-Living-residents-left-in-peril-13129748.php)

    People suck.

  6. Weekly reminder to kill myself before I ever find myself in a nursing home…

  7. Those nursing home were privatized for the conservative government. They only care about profit, not people.


    they sell to friends, with no experience in home care:


    and big corporations like that of Florentino Pérez ( Real Madrid president).


    Workers from those nursing home have been reporting bad assistance long time ago. They were fired.


    This is murder. Murder by greed. Health care is not a business. They destroyed public healt care to feed capitalist friends. They must be in jail.


  8. This has been a common issue well before the virus, isolated elderly people die, and are left to rot for months or even years sometimes

  9. It’s almost as if you’ve built a system of selfish economic benefit rather than a system based on genuine human emotions.

  10. 1 death every 3 minutes or so. That’s awful.

  11. This just may be the worst article I’ve ever read. “Spanish soldiers found abandoned nursing home patients, In Other news a skating rink is now a hospital”

  12. Where are the pictures, though? We have tons of terrible pictures of WW1, WW2 that helped everyone learn how truly horrible war is, how bad governments can get… but every single bad thing that goes on now is squeaky fucking clean. Like in this article, we get a picture of a coffin? Iraq, Afghanistan, almost nothing came out of that. How will humans truly realize the extent of what a pandemic can do if we never see the consequences unless we might be directly related? And therefore, we’re without the tools that influence society to ask more of their governments, to ask them to be better and to plan for emergencies. It’s just isolated deaths that have a slight chance to unite those that find each other, maybe.

  13. **”….when the cause of death is suspected to be linked to coronavirus they are left in their beds until they can be retrieved by properly equipped funeral staff.”**

    Fixed that dramatic headline for you

  14. As a Spaniard, I should note that our elderly population is one of the biggest in Europe. In recent years the number of retirement homes have exploded, and in some cases there’s been accusations of neglecting their customers or giving them subpar food rations. Also, local politicians and shady companies are often among the owners of some retirement homes.

    What we are seeing now could be a result of a sector growing too quickly and not being supervised / controlled enough by the authorities.

  15. Spain was saying not long ago that there were no cases of COVID-19 and they didn’t really have any real risk. This is what happens.

  16. i thought the BBC is supposed to represent solid journalism, why are they pumping out content with such clickbaity titles

  17. I feel like Florida is about to see some similar shit in a week or two. With prevalence of retirees it seems these are fertile grounds for a similar outcome.

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