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Spanish Government Aims to Roll Out Basic Income ‘Soon’

Spanish Government Aims to Roll Out Basic Income ‘Soon’

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  1. Spain’s economy had gone to shit long before COVID-19, they don’t have any money to do this with. This is like Greece except they’re 10x the size and the EU can’t bail them out

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  3. Isn’t the idea behind UBI just to completely gut social services like transport, education and healthcare in favour of handing money out? I’d be pretty suspicious of this being implemented anywhere without it being explained to the public in great detail.

  4. How is it possible for them to do this? I know that the US can do it because we can just print our own money, and all the deficit worry is total bullshit because nobody actually cares about the deficit, but Spain can’t just print more money can they? And they seem pretty poor

  5. Will this be for residents or people born there? If the latter; providing for ‘born’, ‘true’ citizens while letting others suffer in poverty is quite fascistic.

    Bad enough that it will focus on “families” — God, family, country, as the Italian fascists like to say

    I love the idea of UBI but hope we see some proposals with a more generous spirit

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