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Spanish minister says older people found ‘dead and abandoned’

Spanish minister says older people found ‘dead and abandoned’

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  1. You have to realize, hospitals everywhere are severely understaffed and lack the proper tools to treat every single patient. It’s inevitable that patients are going to be neglected. It’s not okay, it’s not right, it’s not just, it’s the reality. To blame the healthcare providers that they didn’t do their job is unfair. The demand is too high. There simply isn’t enough resources and people will die as a result. Instead of being upset about it on Reddit, donate to your local hospitals because they need it.

    Edit: if you feel the need to place blame on anyone, how dare you. To point the finger at anyone for the spread of corona virus is absolutely wrong and disgusting. This is a time where we must ban together, not crucify our brothers and sisters.

    I will remind you of that last sentence: please donate to your local hospitals. They need you, now more than ever.

  2. I Hope people are going to be held accountable for abandoning their posts and allowing those in their care to die like this.

  3. All these comments talking about healthcare workers didn’t read the same article I did. The article says elderly people were found in their homes by Spanish military that was dispatched to help. The people were dead because they didn’t seek care/were unable to do so. Using the word “abandoned” in this case is somewhat irresponsible as the only people that could have possibly abandoned these poor people were their friends or families.

  4. it’s labor intensive, get real.

  5. You gotta love the guardian. An article about Spain but still uses a header image of asian folk. Smh

  6. Atleast it ain’t summer. Yet.

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