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‘Special assassination squad’: Secret Russian military unit with ‘terrifying’ mission exposed

‘Particular assassination squad’: Secret Russian army unit with ‘terrifying’ mission uncovered

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  1. Read vol. 2 of the report on Russian Interference in the 2016 Elections. Mueller said it was “sweeping and systemic”, and sweeping and systemic it was.

  2. Interesting article. It discusses the concepts of hybrid warfare, the new grey zone, modern day misinformation, and how Unit 29155 targets Opposition leaders, Lawyers, Reporters, Protesters, and Defectors… with poisonings, public bashings, extortions and more.

  3. Calling a mission a failure because the weapon used was ‘blatantly Russian’ misses the point.

    They *want* everyone to know it was them. They can still deny it, whilst grinning from ear to ear.

  4. Reminder: threads about russian mafia murderers are infested with russian trolls. They are easy to spot. Do not feed the trolls. They are paid to deflect, use whataboutisms, derail conversations about their murders.

  5. Mission Report: December 16th, 1991.

  6. So Russia doing the same thing they have been doing for 60 years…

  7. Khrushchev told the US “I will bury you”. Putin expanded the threat to include everyone.

  8. One of them is in a German prison right now

  9. I’m surprised nobody’s been able to use a special assassination squad against Putin.

  10. The wearying thing about warfare, is that, the moment you use a new weapon or tactic, your enemy learns about it…Does the Russian government think for one minute these tactics will not be copied against itself? I see trouble coming down the line for Russian interests…

  11. I just want the aliens to fly by so we all see how trivial this stuff is and we are all … ah fuck it.

  12. They will pay a great price for this overreach.

  13. Just the Russians though. Our country would never do anything like this.

  14. A NYT article sourced from an unamed source in one of the intelligence agencies? Those stories always work out to be true, plus you can expect the rest of the media to repeat it.

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