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‘Stay calm and leave the area,’ Hong Kong urges as thousands defy march ban, police fire tear gas | CBC News

‘Keep calm and depart the world,’ Hong Kong urges as 1000’s defy march ban, police hearth tear fuel | CBC Information

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  1. Chinese apologists incoming.

    Wanna guess what they will say?

    “If that happens in the US…”
    “If that goes on the rest of the people or businesses will start to hate the protestors”
    “Protesters are actually the one being violent” (and proceed to share only part of the videos that can be used to asperse the protesters)

  2. Doesnt those riot police know that those people they are gasing are fighting for their rights as well. Fuck the 8 dollar an hour wage or whatever and fight for your freedom

  3. I’m in Hong King now. So many young people on the streets, it’s a real testament to will of the people.

  4. original line in the article: “Police appeal to members of the public to stay calm and leave the area as soon as possible as a chaotic scene may ensue within a short period of time,” the statement said.(the link above, cbc all rights reserved)

  5. The government only has as much power as the people are willing to give them.

    Keep fighting and godspeed

  6. Then the police charge to the pencil standing crowd and beat them till they bleed

  7. A properly fitted full face respirator runs about $200 or so for a high end one. Tear gas has its limits.

  8. Fuck that, and fuck all the defeatists in here spouting shit about “Itananmen 2”.

  9. Hong Kong govt need to realize that they are the one fueling the protest. They need to declare the city independent and stop taking orders from CCP.

  10. Really looking forward for how the Chinese Gov respond to this, and how they gonna solve it (mostly they finished the questioner). GOD BLESS HONG KONG.

  11. That’s not that catchy of a slogan

  12. Chinese government sanctioned terrorism on their own people to keep them from protesting. Wonderful.

    edit: Chinese bots in full effect!

  13. The tear gassing and beatings will continue until everyone is calm.

  14. **Google search “Hong Kong domestic helper abuse”, “Hong Kong slavery”, and “Hong Kong racism”.**

    My family came from the Philippines, and for years, we watched our people and other Southeast Asians being enslaved, beaten and raped by Hong Kongers. Hong Kongers claim to believe in freedom and democracy yet they’re happy to enslave and strip away the rights and freedoms of others.

    edit: Thank you to all the Redditors downvoting me, I guess the actual truth is too frightening and you need to hide it right?

    edit2: Thank you again for all the downvotes. I can see now that reddit is full of hypocrites who support the rights of some while denying it to others. I guess we’re too poor and brown to give a damn. **Have fun supporting Hong Kong, the city of racist slave owners.**

  15. Why these protesters all wear masks?

  16. Fight, police, fight. Make these thugs out of streets

  17. Just wanted to show some [protesters being hypocrites](https://streamable.com/34wzf)

    Protestors in black changing into white shirted triads hired by the CCP

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