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Stay tuned and hope .. Sisi is waiting for the Egyptians on the Friday of Anger

Amidst tight security measures that reflect the concerns of the authority in Egypt, the hashtag “Friday of Anger” has been issued on social media for the second day in a row, a tag launched by activists to call for major demonstrations calling for the current President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to leave power.

Under the slogan “Friday of September 25 Rage”, tweeters have been active in the crowd of anti-regime demonstrations, which come as an investment to the popular movement that has continued for 4 days in some Egyptian villages and neighborhoods.

Egypt has been witnessing, for days, intense security tightening and police deployment in the main streets and squares, as well as a counter-media campaign attacking those calling for demonstrations, while at the same time reducing the number of demonstrators, and confirming the failure of the calls to demonstrate.

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly announced today that the period for submitting reconciliation requests for building violations will be extended to the end of next October, instead of this September. In a move to absorb the anger of Egyptians, especially since the issue of house demolitions was the spark that seemed to ignite the recent demonstrations of anger.

The demonstrations erupted after the actor and contractor Muhammad Ali called on the Egyptians to demonstrate on the first anniversary of the September 20 demonstrations last year, which caused embarrassment to the Egyptian regime. Muhammad Ali owned a contracting company that worked with the army for several years, before he left Egypt and revealed incidents of corruption and waste of public money on the part of Sisi, his wife, and army leaders.

Media sources said that the Egyptian police summoned a number of former detainees and their relatives, and detained them in police stations and security headquarters, in anticipation of calls to demonstrate on Friday.

Egyptian police used to arrest activists and recall former detainees prior to major protests.

Earlier, sources told Al-Jazeera that the authorities had arrested dozens of those who participated in the demonstrations during the past days, and the prosecution charged them with several charges.

Lawyers confirmed that among the detainees were children and women, and said that most of them were from Egyptian villages and regions, denouncing their imprisonment for opposing the current regime.

The pioneers of social media circulated what they said were the main demands of the Egyptian people on the “Friday of Rage”, on top of which was the holding of early presidential elections, without restrictions on participation and under international supervision, and a successful trial for Al-Sisi for what he committed against Egypt, the people and the land, as they described.

The demands also included the release of all political detainees in the country, coinciding with the formation of a legal committee with credentials of integrity to discuss criminal cases.

The demands also included the suspension of all decisions taken by Sisi, foremost of which is the Reconciliation Law, and the restoration of the rights of Egyptians who were affected by their displacement from their homes, in addition to the suspension of all decisions to increase the prices of strategic goods, means of transportation, petroleum materials, electricity, water and gas bills, until there is a new elected authority.

Al-Sisi had repeatedly said that he was ready to leave if the Egyptians asked him to do so, and that he would not wait for the army to take to the streets and force him to step down, and recently he expressed his readiness to hold a referendum on his continued power due to mounting public anger at the authorities ’expansion of demolishing homes in violation of building permits.

Al-Sisi often recalls that the army’s demands from the late President Mohamed Morsi were to respond to the calls for early presidential elections raised by the protesters on June 30, 2013, which were followed by the announcement of the military coup on the third of July of the same year.

However, the demonstrations in September last year witnessed thousands of Egyptians demonstrating, and the result was the arrest of more than 4 thousand people, and the accusation by the authority of the demonstrators of treason and labor, while Sisi’s pledges to leave if the Egyptians demonstrated against him were faded.

Thousands of tweeters participated through the hashtag “Friday of anger, 25 September” with comments, pictures and wishes for success today in confronting Sisi, stressing that they will continue to move and not stop the matter on Friday, which will be an escalation and a step forward and not the end.

Two days ago, a group of Egyptian forces and symbols said that the movement of the Egyptian street yesterday, Sunday, is a prelude to a wider movement and a major uprising sweeping Egypt, as she put it.

The group added – in a statement – that the movement will not stop until the liberation of Egypt from its rapists, who have insulted the military institution, betrayed the country and implicated it in corrupt deals.

Egyptians have known the term “Friday of Rage” since the revolution of 25 January 2011, as Friday, January 28 witnessed the largest demonstrations and confrontations with the security forces. The demonstrators succeeded in storming Tahrir Square and forcing the police to withdraw, which prompted the army to move and take The initiative, and this eventually led to the resignation of the late President Hosni Mubarak, after 30 years in power.


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