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Storming the Congress … Accusations of conspiracy against two members of the “Brad Boys”, and a video showing the bomb planter and a reward for his arrest

Charges of conspiracy and inciting civil unrest were indicted by a federal court in Washington, DC, against two members of the far-right “Proud Boys” for their role in the supporters of former President Donald Trump’s attack on the Congress building, while new details emerged about the wanted person who planted the two bombs. Around Congress.

According to a statement by the US Department of Justice issued in the last hours, two people affiliated with the Brad Boys were accused of breaking down barriers in the Capitol (Congressional Complex) and stealing equipment from compound police officers.

In addition to the conspiracy charge, both men are facing two counts of unlawful entry and disorderly conduct within the Congressional compound, as well as two counts of burglary and assault.

Al-Jazeera correspondent Muhammad Al-Alami indicated that the accusations in the events of the storming of Congress on January 6 began to take a more serious direction compared to the nature of the charges brought against the first group of accused, most of which were in the form of misdemeanor.

He explained that the case is now witnessing criminal charges that carry heavier penalties, and indicates that federal investigators have come to believe that what happened that day was not a protest demonstration that suddenly got out of control, but rather a planned action, and preparations for it began a week after the elections of the third of November / November with the participation of a wide range of right-wing groups and white ultra-nationalists.

For its part, the American network, CNN, indicated that the chief judge of the Federal Court in Washington severely knocked on the defendants in the case during the hearing held on Thursday, and decided to imprison a prominent defendant until the start of the trial proceedings, because of his famous image of wearing his shoes. On the desk of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Find the bomb planter

In the meantime, the Federal Bureau of Investigation “FBI” (FBI) raised to 100 thousand dollars the value of the reward allocated to everyone who provides information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for placing two explosive devices near the headquarters of the Republican and Democratic parties in Washington.

Investigations revealed that the two canisters were planted the night before the storming of Congress, according to what was reported by US media.

The “Washington Post” newspaper published a video, which it said it obtained exclusively, showing the suspect carrying a bag believed to contain explosive materials.

The newspaper said that the FBI interviewed more than a thousand people to identify the wanted person.

Austin inspects the National Guard

On the other hand, the US Secretary of Defense – Lloyd Austin – visited the vicinity of the Congress building with the aim of inspecting the National Guard members who support the efforts of the Capitol Police to secure the compound after the events of its storming and the deaths and injuries that resulted in it.

A report about preventing National Guard members from spending the rest period between shifts inside the Congress building, and resorting to resting in nearby parking garages, caused a state of discontent among the Guard and the American public.

As a result, coordination was made with the Capitol Police to allow National Guard members to use facilities inside the building for rest.

In another matter related to the former US president, the Supreme Court of New York District has tightened pressure on the Trump Foundation and a number of its partners by issuing an order for the foundation to submit more documents until February 4 to the New York Attorney’s Office.

This comes within the framework of a civil investigation into whether the institution wrongly assessed the value of some assets to obtain bank loans and tax benefits, according to what was reported by “The New York Times”.

New York Attorney General – Letzia James – began this investigation in March 2019 after former Trump attorney Michael Cohen told Congress that Trump inflated the value of his assets in financial statements to obtain loans, and reduced their value on other occasions to reduce the value of taxes due on him. .

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