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‘Stranded at sea’: cruise ships around the world are adrift as ports turn them away – At least 10 ships remain at sea – & 4 passengers have died while stranded

‘Stranded at sea’: cruise ships around the world are adrift as ports turn them away – At least 10 ships remain at sea – & 4 passengers have died while stranded

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  1. Curious, if someone dies in international waters, what happens?

    >It all starts with an announcement. “Operation Bright Star” signals a medical emergency. “Operation Rising Star” means a passenger has passed away.
    When that happens, the body is zipped into a body bag and placed in the ship’s morgue. Ocean-going ships are legally required to have both body bags and a morgue (they mostly have space for three or four bodies, but it depends on the size of the ship). The latter must be kept away from the food storage areas.
    According to one cruise line, some ports insist bodies are off-loaded as soon as possible – this is done discreetly using an exit away from the passenger gangway. A death certificate is then issued and the body repatriated to its home country.

  2. Now is probably not the best time to be going on a cruise.

  3. I’m sure the nations with whom the ships are registered, and whose flags they fly, will help them.

  4. I would be fine if there’s no more cruises. They are ~~headquartered~~ incorporated in smaller countries to avoid taxes. Are huge polluters. Don’t have a great track record for safety.

  5. The COVID19 pandemic could be the end of the cruise industry. And to be clear: that would be a good thing.

  6. Cruise ships are the portapotty of the sea.

  7. These ships really need to be unloaded, but only into strict quarantine. The alternative is going to be many deaths, because they’re essentially trapped on a virus incubator. Why anyone ever chooses to vacation on one of these disease-factory boats has always been a mystery to me. Hopefully the pandemic kills off the entire fucked up cruise industry, with their disease spreading, pollution spreading, abuse of labor, and tax dodging.

  8. Why on earth would ANYONE think it’s okay to go on a cruise after that first ship was quarantined? I highly doubt these were month long cruises.

  9. This is how you get your money’s worth on a cruise!

  10. My friends are crew on these ships, I hope they come back safely.

  11. People are so stupid. I heard 4 of them are being allowed into Florida.

  12. If the ships come into port and the passenger disembark they will contaminate the general public and we will die. What you just read is exactly how it is. The term Boat People just got a new meaning.

    It is the responsibility of the affected persons Govt to come to the rescue and some Govts are more supportive than others. More should be done to help the boat people.

  13. Stop going on cruise lines morons.

  14. I’m assuming their home countries can’t turn them away so why haven’t they tried going there?

  15. Time to go full *Olympic Carrier* and call it a day.

  16. Did these people go on Cruise ships during a global health crisis?? No disrespect to the people that have died in cruise ships, but some people need to take responsibility for their health and others as well.

    And our government (Australia) had a poor response to one of the cruise ships (Ruby Princess). They just allowed out thousands of cruise ship members into the open public, who were likely asymptomatic themselves and unknowingly infected more vulnerable people. Here I mainly blame the incompetence of Gladys Berejiklian, currently the worst premier of Australia.

  17. Honestly, fuck anybody and everybody who has gone on a cruise after the Diamond Princess fiasco and fuck any and all cruise ship companies not immediately cancelling all trips. I feel really bad for the crew but beyond that, no sympathy.

  18. ‘Adrift’ would be shutting down the engines and letting the currents take the ships where they will. A little dramatic in the headline.

  19. Bill Burr is fucking loving this.

  20. They shouldn’t be allowed to operate in the first place.

  21. I guess that great deal whole everyone was worried about this “corona virus” wasn’t such a good deal.

  22. My mum got on a cruise at the start of all this. She was pissed off the cruise docked in the next port and kicked everyone off after 6 hours.

    Now she’s incredibly happy and fine about losing thousands on the holiday lol

  23. If you boarded a cruise in March you deserved to be stranded.

  24. Hears news about a deadly pandemic and the risk on cruise ships

    Takes cruises anyways.

    Wtf is wrong with people. Its like they WANT to contribute to darwinism.

  25. This is *so* fucked up.

    How in the actual fuck do people think it’s ok to go port to port, potentially spreading sickness during a pandemic?

    No sympathy at all for these passengers.

  26. And now there are two US aircraft carriers afflicted

  27. Cuba already saved a cruiseship

  28. Someone on the cruise ship : “I’ve had too much holiday! Please stop the holiday!”

  29. There needs to be a change in international law. If a ship is registered to a country then said country should not be allowed to turn away these ships.

  30. Good thing some of them have onboard ice rinks now. 🙁

  31. Theoretically safest place on earth could be a cruise ship which set sail in November, has supplies for a year and is still adrift without porting anywhere. I don’t have knowledge of cruise ships. So this scenario is close to impossible.

  32. It’s time for crisis ships to go away. There massively polluting germ factories. They’re not good for the planet.

  33. So… Another prediction by the simpsons fulfilled?

  34. They should have registered to a non third world country and paid taxes. Let the companies rot.

  35. I feel bad for them but anyone on a cruise right now at least had second thoughts before boarding. You have to think ahead in a pandemic.

  36. Literally what QUARANTINE fucking means.

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