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Study Confirms Climate Models are Getting Future Warming Projections Right

Study Confirms Climate Models are Getting Future Warming Projections Right

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  1. [This graph](https://climate.nasa.gov/system/internal_resources/details/original/1984_for_alan.jpg) is the only thing you need to see if you’re still questioning the science. The models for the last fifty years have basically straddled the line marking actual observed temperature, right down the middle. They even predicted the short downturn in the early 90s accurately.

    So when scientists are telling you that the models for the next fifty years predict actual catastrophe across many countries, mirroring what’s happening in Australia but like a Russian Roulette of what country will be next – fucking listen to them. And then push your government to do what the *accurate* science say we have to do to stop it.

  2. Cool story bro *sips PBR* but did you know *revs pickup truck* the climate *watches Debbie Does Dallas on VHS* is always changing? Checkmate, libtards!

  3. For anyone unfamiliar with the field of distributed computation, there are a number of notable climate research projects hosted by universities and large technology companies that are underway right now.

    As these are volunteer-generated computation prediction models, literally anyone in the world is able to donate their idle computing power towards these projects. If you keep your computer on, it costs you essentially nothing to participate in and offers invaluable resources to the effort.

    A couple projects which I personally contribute to include the [University of Oxford’s Climate Prediction project](https://www.climateprediction.net/) and [IBM’s broad array of climate and humanitarian projects](https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/research/viewAllProjects.do?proj=comp)

    Please consider contributing to this scientific research. No effort is too small, and every little bit helps!

  4. Please do dont demolish me with downvotes. I’m no skeptic. I was just under the impression by our beloved current year of 2020 we would have been experianced more glacial melting resulting in higher sea level?

  5. How can a study confirm future weather that hasnt even occurred?

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