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Study reveals YouTube promotes climate misinformation and major companies are funding it

Study reveals YouTube promotes climate misinformation and major companies are funding it

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  1. Yea if you ever end up going town a rabbit hole on Youtube you can end up with some pretty twisted suggestions.

    I started with just wanting to know what MREs were like and ended up with Deep State Conspiracy videos and thinly veiled racism.

    The interest algorithms of youtube and facebook are the best propaganda disseminating machines I have ever seen. And they keep doing it because money.

  2. Prager “U” is of the largest right-wing disinformation channels on YouTube.

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  4. I bet this is just about how Youtube gives more similar videos to people’s video tastes. If someone is going to search for videos that imply his opinions in the search terms, youtube is just gonna run its algorithm.

    If you are into NASA, Seeker, The Verge and other scientific video channels, it’ll give you more of that. If you are into flat earth conspiracies, and how the dinosaurs don’t exist, then you’re gonna get more of that.

    And companies from both sides fund it, more of them supporting the channels that support the general consensus about the topic of climate change.

    Stop throwing shit at Youtube

  5. This title is very sensationalist, what it refers with major companies funding it is that the videos, like almost all videos on YouTube are being monetized. If a amazon ad is shown on a isis video you don’t blame amazon for founding terrorism. I agree with that videos should be demonetized but this article is terrible clickbaiting

  6. “Actively promoting climate misinformation” = 10% of the top 100 climate videos contain climate misinformation. So Youtube is actively promoting by not suppressing free speech is the argument.

    The “major companies funding it” are just companies whose ads ran on such videos. So the videos were monetized.

  7. >[Researchers found](https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2020/jan/16/youtube-ads-of-100-top-brands-fund-climate-misinformation-study) that when users typed in “global warming,” 16 percent of the top 100 related videos featured disinformation about climate change. The percentage of disinformation when typing in “climate change” was 8 percent, and 21 percent when typing in “climate manipulation.”

    >The findings add to data that shows disinformation accounts for over 20 percent of views for YouTube videos relating to climate change. 

    >The study led Avaaz to conclude that “YouTube is actively promoting climate misinformation to millions of users.” 

    Doesn’t sound like they’re “promoting” it very hard…

  8. Is this different then YouTube trying to fix the gangnam style problem, which is where the algorithm eventually leads all users to the most popular video which was Gangnam style at the time, the fix caused the algorithm to go the opposite way and showed more niche videos related to the topic and that created fringe echo chambers?

  9. Youtube should be called cult simulator.

  10. How do company adverts end up on these videos?

    Does the company or YouTube’s algorithms determine what is the video that receives the ad? Because I find it hard to believe Green Peace and the WWF would try to have their ads put on these videos.

  11. But heck if someone says a swear, they shouldn’t get money

  12. Anything that’s not mainstream news is “misinformation” Climate change is a way of making money. It’s been proven over and over again. Whoever believes this bs, probably believes 9/11 was actually an attack from jihads who meditate in a cave in Afghanistan.

  13. Google is a trash heap. All the search results are corporations now. I just use Bing or Duckduckgo now. I wish that there were a viable video alternative to YouTube.

  14. Can we stop throwing shit at Youtube for this stuff? The algorithm is just doing its job of feeding people what they want. Love scientific videos? You get scientific videos. Love gaming? You get gaming videos. Love denying climate change? You get videos agreeing with you. Youtube isn’t “promoting” this stuff and companies aren’t “funding it”. Youtube is recommending videos you like and those videos might be monetized. These articles are the reason for all the adpocalypses happening and the only people punished for these problems are youtubers who have nothing to do with this. I’m so done with these kinds of misinformed/blown out of proportion headlines

  15. The post-mortem of this era will find social media as a major factor in its worst failings. It’s the most powerful form of propaganda ever devised and we stumbled right into it with no awareness of how it was altering our cultures. That bell cannot be unrung.

  16. hahaaha what? sorry would have to disagree. I dont know about funding but Im not getting much anti climate change on my feed.

  17. Oh no! Quick, we must institute a good form of censorship! Let’s call it “Democratic” censorship! Think of the children!

  18. youtube is terrible my channel was permanently suspended with no reason given. The video’s I had posted on my channel were all mine no copy write infringement at all. just drone video’s of a billion dollar business across the street that’s destroying are family. spraying pesticides on us with helicopters and destroying our only roads in and out. keeping us awake 24/7.

  19. I am not surprised in the slightest, I see lots of these Climate change deniers put together their skewed argument, which on the surface sounds legit but if you were to take the time and look up their sources it all just a bunch of bullshit. Everything they show as evidence either doesn’t show the full picture, doesn’t explain why its happening, incorrectly analyses the data, or is flat out wrong.

  20. Stop trying to paint a public platoform as anything more than a source that curates content based on your preferences…if I spent a week searching for and watching scientology and flat earth content it would appear on my feed because that’s what keeps me coming back to the platform..then I could claim yt is anti science…studies like this are meant to be used on people, not machines made to profit of people

  21. Google wants views and clicks and doesn’t give a fuck how they get them. Corporations are morally vacant on their own, which is just one reason why they shouldn’t be allowed to run the entire show.

  22. Well like, that’s just your opinion man.

  23. jesus.. when will people stop using facebook for shit other than looking at your friends cat!?!? deflate that shit already!!

  24. Color me fucking shocked. The same idiots that binge watch “MUST SEE” clickbait bullshit are the same people that would click on a fucking YouTube ad and spend money.

    I’m 30 years old. I grew up on the internet, and the internet grew up with me. I remember logging into Myspace and Facebook for the first time. When I was in middle school, Google was not the “go to” search engine. Amazon sold books.

    I have never, ever clicked on an ad and spent money. I wouldn’t go as far to say that as dont work on me, maybe a looked into a product after seeing an ad and bought it, but I have NEVER just clicked a pop up or targetted ad and bought the product.

    I also dont watch clickbait youtube videos, or believe essential oils are better at preventing disease than vaccines, or believe that genetically modified tomatoes are worse for me than “organic” tomatoes. Bitch, find an unbruised organic tomato in new England in December.

    Morons will always demand. Suppliers need only supply.

  25. Click bait fearmongering crap.

    That’s like saying “a channel on TV is spreading misinformation” and then getting angry at your television.

  26. I watched one Pewdiepie video and then a damn Hitler speech ended up on my recommended. Like 2,000 comments and not a single one that was not pro hitler

  27. YouTube allows truth about global climate change hoax to be exposed. There is no climate change.
    It’s all a lie!

  28. We need to share and spread this shit far and wide.

    Also we HAVE to develop better critical thinking skills. We need to learn more collectively what good and bad information is, and where it comes from. We must take advantage of the decentralized nature of the internet and enlighten ourselves.

    Our lives and societies depend on it.

  29. You: not interested

    Youtube: **SPAM**

  30. Gee, what a shock.

    Where do the people who write things like this to me:

    >Says the one consuming and actually believing elitist propaganda and fake news.
    >Sorry to crash your hopes of the climate apocalypse arriving soon, but this planet isn’t going anywhere for the next few million years. But please, feel free to enjoy your religious climate cult, if guilt culture, anxiety, and self hate make you happy!

    get their ideas from?

    Well, I guess now I know.

    That said, Admiral Jingles channel on YouTube is kick ass.

    Other parts of it, clearly less so.


  31. I once watched a video on flat Earth my God did YouTube want me to believe it still get them today that’s why I learnt that incognito mode is a must for those curiosity desires.

  32. You guys smell that? I think I smell another Adpocalypse brewing! Time to deprive many creators of their income once again because of a misleading article that ignores the fact that ads are played based on the viewer, not the video.

  33. And people like my father eat it up

  34. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://themilsource.com/youtube-promotes-climate-misinformation-companies-funding-2020/) reduced by 89%. (I’m a bot)
    > A study published on Jan. 16 from the activist group Avaaz revealed that YouTube is &quot;Actively promoting&quot; climate disinformation on its platform, which some of the biggest companies and environmental groups in the world are funding by advertising on the videos.

    > The group began the study to discover how YouTube is protecting its users from climate misinformation.

    > Hyundai, another company researchers found advertising on disinformation videos, also responded to our journalists stating: &quot;Hyundai Motor America works constantly with YouTube to ensure its ads run on content that follows established protocols and filters, including avoiding content that promotes patently inaccurate information. We are looking further into the reported ad placement on London Real&#039;s YouTube video and their interview with a climate change denier.”

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  35. Turns out that social media companies love money more than any ideological and ethical concern. Who’d have thunk it?

  36. We need to leave YouTube en masse and find some platform that isn’t crock full of bullshit

  37. It’s nice when “studies” reveal what everyone already knew

  38. That’s believable ,the scum bags will do anything for a dollar!

  39. Well duh. My favorite is the ad claiming that windmills are bad for the environment and their proof is… Stock footage of a normal ass garbage dump. Checkmate libruls!

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