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Suffering, crime and miserable life … dark aspects of the lives of Hollywood celebrities

As much as the life of celebrities seems glamorous and glamorous, so that many people want to exchange their lives with them, even for hours; What some may not know is that they, like others, suffer and go through many very difficult experiences, but they hide this tragic aspect behind smiles imposed on them by fame and the right of the public on them.

Heavy losses

“Sadness changes its shape, but it never ends,” star Keanu Reeves tells People.

A handsome and beloved star, he has many fans, and his fortune is 360 million dollars, this is what the public thinks when he mentions the name of the star Keanu Reeves, but the truth is that he went through tragic experiences that were not easy to overcome in peace. Beginning in his childhood; He was born in Beirut to a British mother and a Chinese father, and soon the father abandoned his family and left them behind when he was 5 years old; That was his first loss.

Successive crises experienced by star Keanu Reeves (networking sites)

The next blow was in 1993 when his close friend, actor, River Phoenix, died at the age of 23, as a result of a drug overdose, and in 1999, actress Jennifer Syme – the love of Reeves’ life – announced her pregnancy, a happy event that turned into a nightmare when their daughter was born dead.

This affected their relationship, and led to their separation when they could not overcome the psychological effects of that, and then 18 months later, Jennifer died in a car accident. At the same time, Reeves’ sister had been fighting leukemia for 10 years, and despite her cure, he returned to her again in 2015, and because of this experience, Reeves has for years – continued until now – donating huge sums to cancer institutions.

Black comedy

In his interview with “Interview”, Jim Carrey said, “I spent most of my time in my room staring at the mirror, I didn’t know I was supposed to be social.”

Jim Carrey was always a comic star of a special kind, he shone in roles that were not suitable for others, and despite his enormous creative energy, and with all his achievements, he suffered psychological disorders, before ending up unhappy, as he described.

His first crisis was in his childhood, when his father left his job, which led to the deterioration of his family financially, and forced them to live in a truck, and work to support the family, so that Carrie and his brothers worked in cleaning the bathrooms and floors, which made him turn into an anti-social person, especially after he left school .

But that did not prevent his father from supporting his talent and pushing him to go to comedy clubs in search of an opportunity, which, although delayed and met with rejection and disapproval in the beginning, but was achieved in the end, so that Carrie became one of the richest comedians in the world.

These tragic circumstances inspired him to write a children’s book in 2013 entitled “How Roland Rolls” or “How the Rolls Move”, in which he dealt with serious topics that affect the psyche of young people and concern them.

Although he succeeded in turning his miserable life into a comic subject, he suffered from loneliness and failure in his emotional relationships, and for some time he turned to alcohol and drugs, as for what broke his back was the suicide of his girlfriend, Katharina White, in 2015, days after his separation from her, and he was accused of killing her.

Comedian Jim Carrey suffered during his childhood from a miserable life (networking sites)


Who would believe that the beautiful Oscar and Golden Globe winner Charles Theron witnessed a murder as a youngster? At the age of 15, Charles and her mother were shot by her father, an alcoholic, who had always beaten and violated her mother, so the mother wanted the father to be killed in defense of herself and her daughter, which is what the daughter found great courage from her mother and a sacrifice to protect her.

Charles Theron witnessed a murder in her family (networking sites)

Jennifer Hudson is another star who has gone through a terrible accident, and left a noticeable impact on the themes of her songs; In 2008, her mother, brother, and younger nephew were shot dead by her son-in-law, and it was only the discovery of her pregnancy that helped her to cope with that disastrous period.

3 members of Jennifer Hudson’s family were killed by her brother-in-law (communication sites)

A tragedy of a special kind

3 Oscars, 7 Golden Globes, and 3 British BAFTA Awards, all of this is just a small part of the prize pool of star Jack Nicholson, who has presented legendary roles such as “The Shining” and “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” (One Flew) Over the Cuckoo’s Nest), As Good as It Gets, and more.

Nicholson enjoyed normal childhood and youth, as well as his career progressed from success to success, but at the age of 37, and in the midst of his fame and professional achievement, he discovered a secret that was not taken into account, as he was closer to movies.

His older sister was in fact nothing but his mother. As for those who dealt with them for a whole age as his parents, they were nothing but his grandfather and grandmother, as they decided to pretend that they were his parents, as his mother gave birth to him when she was 16 years old, and the worst is that his mother and grandmother died 10 years before he discovered the truth .

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