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“Syria is burning” .. Is it contrived? Where are the regime’s equipment and its allies to confront them?

The fires that spread over large areas of the Syrian coast have dominated the attention of social media not only in Syria, but also in a large number of Arab countries.

Activists circulated various videos and photos of the fires that affected the Lattakia and Tartous governorates, amid accusations that human hands were behind their outbreak. The activists were also surprised at what they described as the lack of preparedness to deal with such disasters, especially the specialized aircraft, at a time when the Syrian regime finds planes to bomb the Syrians, according to their saying.

According to the Syrian regime authorities, fires have spread to most villages on the Syrian coast, causing panic among residents of mountainous areas.

Among the interactions monitored by the eighth newsletter, “Your publication” on (10/10/2020), a tweet by “Osama Abu Zaid”, in which he said, “My Turkish colleague at the university asks me: Doesn’t Syria have helicopters to extinguish fires? … I sent him this video (referring to a video Regime forces bombed Badaria areas) accompanied by saying: The aircraft that the Syrian people paid for and the costs of their maintenance are only trained to start fires. Syria is burning and the first and last person responsible for all its fires is Nero, the criminal era, Bashar al-Assad.

In turn, Tony Issa wrote, “The logic of all these fires is not fabricated. From 100 years ago no one trusted that a wave of fires would come at the same day and time and far from some distance to encompass a larger part of the coast. The weather is not the weather of wild fires. Cursing everyone. You. Why are they not asking for support from other countries?

Hassan Al-Fayed said in his tweet, “The economic siege and isolation of Syria, the destruction of the Syrian and Lebanese pound, the explosion of the port of Beirut, the forest fires and agricultural crops in Syria and Lebanon, the destruction of minds and the deepening of poisonous concepts in society, normalization with the Israeli enemy, bleaching his page and accepting the status quo, all of the above are a new form. Forms of war. “

As for Marwa Abdul Razzaq, she asked in a tweet, “What is the thing that has not been burned yet in our beloved Syria? By God, it divides our hearts.”

The flames have reached the Turkish state of Hatay, which borders Syria, where the fires devoured large areas of forests. The flames spread to residential areas in the city, prompting the hashtag “Hatay is burning” to the forefront of the most widely circulated on the local platforms, amid calls for more support to stop the spread of fires, raising the slogan “My food does not burn .. My food is burned.”

According to the authorities in Hatay city, the fires caused 10 injuries and material losses, including in particular a number of homes and properties belonging to citizens, and although the competent authorities were able to control part of the fire, the flames re-ignited in the forests and then in a number of nearby residential neighborhoods.

And through the tag “Hatay is Burning”, Turkish activists circulated various videos showing the escape of a number of residents as the flames approached their residential neighborhoods.

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