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Syria .. the Israeli army bombed the countryside of Quneitra

On Tuesday night, the Israeli army fired a missile at a site in Quneitra, southern Syria, according to Syrian state media.

The official Syrian News Agency said, “At midnight the Israeli enemy launched an aggression with a missile against a school in the northern countryside of Quneitra.”

She added that the missile targeted “a school in the village of Al-Hurriya in the northern Quneitra countryside, and the damage was limited to materials.”

For its part, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that the bombing targeted “the headquarters of the Iranian militias.”

The observatory said, “A violent explosion erupted in the village of Al-Hurriya in the northern suburbs of the Quneitra governorate, as a result of shelling, which is likely to be Israeli, targeting the headquarters of the Iranian militias in the region, without information about casualties until this moment.

In recent years, Israel has intensified its bombardment rate in Syria, targeting mainly Syrian army positions, Iranian targets, and other Lebanese Hezbollah targets.

Israel rarely confirms the implementation of these strikes, but it will repeat that it will continue to oppose what it describes as Iran’s attempts to establish its military presence in Syria and to send advanced weapons to the Lebanese Hezbollah.

Syria has been witnessing a bloody conflict since 2011, which has killed more than 380,000 people, caused massive damage to the infrastructure and productive sectors, and led to the displacement and displacement of millions of people inside and outside the country.

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