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Taiwan says it didn’t need China’s permission for WHO meeting

Taiwan says it didn’t need China’s permission for WHO meeting

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  1. Why would Taiwan need mainland Taiwan’s permission?

  2. Ofcourse not, it is not part of China. Taiwan is a separate country. Why would it?

  3. Fuck China..Hate how the WHO and other countries bend over for China regulary to screw over Taiwan

  4. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-health-taiwan/taiwan-says-it-didnt-need-chinas-permission-for-who-meeting-idUSKBN2060JZ) reduced by 75%. (I’m a bot)
    > Taiwan has complained it has been unable to get timely information from the WHO and has accused China of passing incorrect information to the organization about Taiwan's total virus case numbers, which stand at 18.

    > Taiwan Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Joanne Ou said China was trying to take credit for something it didn't deserve.

    > Taiwan's WHO exclusion became another point of contention between China and the United States last week, after the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. in Geneva told the WHO's Executive Board that the agency should deal directly with Taiwan's government.

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  5. its like a parent and a child having an argument. im all for taiwans independence.

    its more along the lines of china being a “raisedbynarcs” type bully parent.

    and then the next door neighbours of earth all hear china abusing its children, but they just stay inside and turn the tv volume up a little, cause in this neighbourhood, china supplies all the cool shit. and wed rather have cool shit

  6. Taiwan is numba 1 , so why would they need permission?

  7. …. China…. (Whole world groans loudly)

  8. Lmao to all the butt hurt wumaos who still think Taiwan is part of China. Taiwan is the real China not this horse shit CCP.

  9. Srsly, fuck China and all the pro-communism retards.

  10. I believe in your stance as a neutral observer. If you want to talk sovereignty, China ceded control of taiwan to japan during WWII.

    Without the revolution in taiwan i would be japanese today. Not chinese. As were my great grand parents being japanese subjects, and great great great parents being chinese.

  11. No one cares what filthy China wants.

  12. It’s not WHO. It’s WMTHO. World minus Taiwan health organisation.

  13. Possibly not. But it does need an invite from WHO for the WHO meeting, and their priority right now is keeping China open to working with it, Taiwan isn’t their priority in this. So guess what Taiwan, no invite for you.

  14. You are obviously more knowledgeable about international laws than I am.

    Explain to me why the Scottish referendum is valid? There’s a democratic vote to exit UK by the people.

    China gave sovereignty of Taiwan to the Japanese during WWII Japanese occupation and did not bother to reclaim it. The citizens of Taiwan did. Now that the Japanese are long gone they want it back.

    Well sorry, country A gave province A away to country B, province A had to fight off country B and now no longer wants to be any part of China.

    The founding father of taiwan was a political dictator that thought the communist regime would fall. And that the 2 lands would be one again. Then Mao happened in China and not a whole lot of taiwanese people want to be part of that. Thats where the historical claim came from.

  15. And those who heed law blindly end up on the proverbial farm by Orwell, I believe the law to be fluid not static.

    American independence was won with military conquest. You wouldn’t say the British still have a claim.

    Also the Scottish referendum example is still being ignored.

    A quick google search, CCP was founded in 1921, But in 1895 the Qing dynasty had already formally given taiwan to japan.

    So which goverment does taiwan belong to is up to you to decide, qing dynasty? Ccp? Taiwanese people?

  16. I mean at this point WHO has proven they kiss of the boot of the CCP so…sorry to say you probably do Taiwan.

  17. Considering Taiwan’s government is technically the legitimate government of China too it would be like asking itself for permission.

  18. They say after not being allowed to take part in the WHO meeting because they did not have China’s permission.

    Rings a bit hollow doesn’t it?

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